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Robert Frost

Friday, April 22, 2016

It was Raining...

It was raining when I heard the news.  Another iconic musician had died. This time it wasn't an artist from a distant far-away place, it was a hometown boy, it was Prince Rogers Nelson. Not a stage name but his real name, given to him by his mother.

This morning when I picked out clothes to wear, I unconsciously pulled out a purple shirt.  It must be because for the last 24 hours there has been an onslaught of that color everywhere I turn.

I was not an immediate fan of Prince.  Of course, I knew who he was and was aware of his music.  I still wouldn't really call myself a fan in the true sense, but I do appreciate the immense talent of this man.  There are other famous people from Minnesota, the other huge musical talent still with us is Bob Dylan.  Bob has a somewhat contentious relationship with Minnesota.  Prince on the other hand, loved Minnesota and loved his dedicated fans here.  He often had impromptu dance parties at his studio/residence in Chanhassen Minnesota.  He invited his neighbors and loyal fans to these events and would often make pancakes for them in the wee hours of the morning. 

I have lived in Minnesota for the past 18 some years, but until I moved here, didn't know much about Prince. We often drove by his large studio without even realizing what it was, it just looked like a large office building of some kind.  Over the years living just a few miles from his home/studio the stories about how much he loved his fans and how much he contributed to the local community are amazing. I'd heard some of his interviews and got the sense that within was a very deep thoughtful soul.  Around 2001 he became a Jehovah's Witness and was examining the spiritual side of his life. He stopped performing some of his earlier works because he felt they no longer represented who he had become.

He was an intriguing mystery man and after reading that he was a self taught musician, that he played most of the instruments on his albums himself and that he brought himself up from virtually nothing into super stardom, I was quite impressed.

Speculation is still going on about his death, he had medical issues for the past several years (hip replacement, ankle surgeries) and that may explain the alleged opiate use. Such a sad turn of events, he had opened Paisley Park to about 200 neighbors and fans just last Saturday. He did that sort of thing throughout his career. Tuesday he was at a local jazz club listening to music.  He burned the candle at both ends, he was small in stature, but really a giant talent...

I think this hits people of my age very hard, it's hard to see people similar in age die, just a reminder that our time is limited here.  So we make the most of the gift of time.  Many of the lyrics in his songs have been saying this for years and seem even more profound now.

I saw this split image of David Bowie and Prince on Instagram
... amazing how similar their facial structure is... like yin and yang...

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"Dearly Beloved, 
We are gathered here today 
to get through this thing called life..."


  1. I was saddened to hear the news and he was young, too, just two years younger than myself. Yesterday was a gorgeous and sunny, warm day here in Montreal...and today it is raining. Sending you much love and hugs.

    1. Yes much too young,just a year younger than me. Oh my we must enjoy every day that we have. Sing a song, dance and enjoy life...

  2. RIP Prince. With his wealth and fame, he could have lived anywhere in the world. I was always impressed that he preferred to stay close to his home town of Minneapolis.

    1. He will be greatly missed. He felt safe here, he was often seen around town and no one bothered him. He used to ride his bike around Chanhassen. He frequented the music clubs and record stores. It was his little bit of normal and the people here let him enjoy it. It sounds as though he knew he needed to slow down, that's why he was transitioning to a different type of performance, the piano and microphone... no dancing.. it was too hard on him. With all the great stories about him coning out now, it is even more heartbreaking and sad that he is gone. However I was listening to an interview he did with Oprah and he said he didn't celebrate his birthday. He said he and we should celebrate his death because that was worth celebrating, because he would have been transformed.

  3. As you already know from reading my post on my own blog, Diane...the passing of Prince has saddened me greatly. A true genius; a humble man - I've been a fan for many, many years...RIP....Prince...thank you...

  4. This was very sad news. A very talented musician that died much too young.

  5. A musical genius who gave back to others, and a supporter of young artists. A sad loss. I was not a fan of early 1980's Prince, but as he got older and I learned more about him that changed. A sad loss for all.

    Did you ever attend one of his neighborhood concerts? No smoking, no alcohol, no swearing, and no cameras...just enjoy the music. :)

    1. He really was a musical genius! He sang, danced, wrote, produced, played the drums, piano and guitar (self taught by the way). He was a unique talent. And no, never made it to one of those parties, they sold out instantly. It seems he always invited his neighbors and his longtime fans first. He loved them, and they loved him. And yes, it's true, a rainbow appeared over his estate hours after his death...

  6. He was a brilliant man! So talented! Truly the best! His music, I grew up with and I love it so much! I have heard about how generous he was and how much he loved his fans. This is all so truly sad! What a year so far!! You do have to live everyday to the fullest! Love yourself and love your life, no matter the curves in the road! Great post Diane! Much Love!
    I just read what you said about the rainbow! Wow!

  7. So sad. I loved his music and Bowie's. Both of them made a statement that it was OK not to be cookie cutter, OK not to fit in - and that resonated with so many people. Gone too soon.

  8. A truly sad loss, indeed. I adored the talents of both David Bowie and Prince, and feel that both died way too young.

    It is true, we should learn to love life and live it to its fullest potential.

  9. I never really listened to Prince. I always loved David Bowie's singing, and my dad really liked Prince. It's so sad to see two amazing musicians leave us!


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    1. Thank you to my followers and visitors. It's been raining and gray for almost the entire week.... finally the sun has come out...

  11. Thanks for creating such a super-beautiful tribute to Prince, I loved him, his unique-artistry and his music too, such an amazing soul, he will be missed! Thanks for sharing his special magic here..wonderful post!
    Massive sparkles...

  12. This really is a beautiful tribute Diane.

  13. Dear Diane it is so sad. He must have loved his home in Minnesota. Days a lot about him. Wonderful tribute friend.


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