“In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: It Goes On.”
Robert Frost

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

March into Spring!

March, in like a lamb, out like a lion! That saying seems so true as we saw warmer temperatures at the beginning of the month take a dive and now more snow is in the forecast!  You'll really need to cuddle up close to someone to stay warm, just like the bunny and duck below!

The Golden Egg Book was written by Margaret Wise Brown and illustrated by Lilian Obligado. Vintage 1962 publication by Golden Press, NY. A Little Golden Book.

I'm sharing some cheerful Spring and Easter images with you today. The books and the basket of chicks are available in my Etsy shop.  Click on the links if you are interested in finding out more about them.

These vintage wind-up Peek-A-Boo Chicks are simply adorable! As with many of the old wind-up toys, they don't work all the time, but they're still very cute!

The Fuzzy Duckling is a Big Golden Book. One morning the fuzzy duckling goes for a walk and meets a variety of animals along the way.  In the photo above he meets up with some lambs. Gorgeous illustrations on every page! Vintage hardcover book measures 12 1/4" x 9 1/4", great images for framing!

My house is finally decorated for Spring and Easter, even though today we are having a snowstorm! But that's the way it is here in Minnesota, and I have to remind myself that just a few years ago we had a huge snowstorm in early May!

I love these large milk chocolate eggs I found at Costco.  My husband could hardly wait until I finally let him have one after I was done taking pictures!  The bowl is vintage, I inherited it from my Mom and it was a gift to her from an Aunt, so it must be over 50 years old. The music box chick is a newer piece.

I hadn't purchased chocolate bunnies for years, but couldn't resist these cuties in their bright packaging.  The tablecloth is a vintage hand embroidered piece, I purchased it from an Etsy shop several years ago.

And finally, one of my new favorites, this is a vintage hand embroidered table-runner. I am in love with this sweet little duck! My husband found this at an estate sale and knew I would like it!

I wish you all a Happy Spring and a Joyous Easter....

Oh, and if you live in a climate like mine
you shouldn't have any trouble finding those hidden Easter Eggs.

Just follow the Bunny tracks in the snow!
~~ Diane ~~


  1. So nice of you to share everything Spring/ Easter themed!<3


  2. That's the style of embroidery I learned how to do as a kid and the kind of patterns that were available in the 50s and 60s! Makes me feel young again to see your treasures.

  3. Happy Easter Diane! So much cuteness as usual, adorable images and golden books. I love the table runner, it is so sweet and pretty. Yay for husbands who find things for us! :)

  4. Happy Easter, Diane. I love that picture of the chocolate eggs and the blue flowers. It's so pretty. I remember reading The Fuzzy Duckling to my kids when they were little. April will be here shortly, enjoy the spring!


  5. I love your posts Diane! They always make me smile! Those wind up chicks are too cute! I love your display for Easter! I am with your hubby, I want a chocolate Easter egg too! LOL! I have your treasures around me! I have your Bunny and chicks out! Happy Easter my friend! Big Hugs!

  6. How cute! Your blog posts always take me back in time to my childhood. Such a wonderful feeling. Have a nice Easter weekend!

  7. Hello Diane,
    Thank you so much for visiting, it’s odd you should say about my posts not showing in your blog list – yours are not showing in mine either – which is why I’ve not been over. Anita from Castles, Crowns & Cottages said the same thing so something somewhere must have changed – but I’ve no idea what.
    I just adore your table cloth and the runner. They remind me so much of the ones my mum used to embroider. I still have one or two of them but none with an Easter/Spring theme.
    Now I’m going to catch up with your other posts. I'm glad we are back in touch.
    We don’t have snow, but we do have cold winds and pouring rain. Happy Easter to you and your family Barbara xx

  8. Diane those Golden books bring back so many wonderful memories. The embroidered table runner reminds me of one my mom made for me many years ago. Such lovely post dear. Hope your Easter was beautiful in spite of the weather.

  9. Happy spring, Diane. Lovely table runner--and thoughtful husband. :)


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