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Friday, February 19, 2016

Love Your Pets Day

February 20th is officially Love Your Pet Day!  At our house, we love our pets every day, but what the heck! They deserve another post showing off just how cute and cuddly they are.  So here are my two favorite pets... Dot and Guy!

Dot basks in the sun on a cool fall day...  One of her nick-names is "Double Stuffed", you know, for the double stuffed cookies....

Here she complains that I'm not getting her good side and is asking that common question... "Does this basket make me look fat?"

I don't have pictures of Dot outside in the winter... she isn't out long enough to get one... a quick run down the walk and then zoom, she's back in the house!

Guy Noir on the other hand, loves the snow! The snow storm we had a few weeks ago was even a bit overwhelming for him though as you see in the photo above, he's thinking maybe he should go in until I've shoveled off the walk for him! Uhhh... no buddy, you are keeping me company!!

At this point, I don't even have him tethered because he's in no hurry to go anywhere, except maybe back in the house!

This was our prettiest snow of the year!  There's nothing prettier in the winter than fresh fallen snow and some sparkling sunshine!

Here is Guy again looking a bit perplexed by the whole situation, note the ear position!

This photo was taken more on Guys perspective, I guess that does look like a lot of snow if you're only 9 inches tall....

Here he is hunkered by the door and watching the birds at the feeder.  It really wasn't too cold that day, 20 degrees or so, but the wind was starting to pick up and it was still snowing.

This looks like at least 10 inches of snow to me!!  Thank goodness it was light and fluffy!

This cardinal checked out the feeder after the squirrels and crows had their fill...

As I write this today, we are getting rain and the snow is quickly melting away.  Guy is upset that we can't go out today because of the rain and as I finish, he has draped himself over my arms again.  He is my constant companion and I do adore him.  Dot is a sweet and friendly cat but she is in love with my husband and cries pitifully when he leaves on a business trip! She tolerates me, but I know who her true love is!

I've had quite a few pets over the years (cats,dogs,birds). It amazes me that they all have such unusual and distinct personalities, just like people!

Have a lovely day my friends, and if you have a favorite pet, share a bit about it with us!

~~ Diane ~~
Sending hugs and cat kisses your way


  1. Hi Diane...yay , what a beautiful tribute to your adorable sweeties! I had no idea about this day..wonderful! Gorgeous photos..I love seeing your cats! and love that dazzling cardinal! We have lots of snow here too..
    Thanks for shining your magic!
    Have a beautiful wkd my sweet friend!

  2. Does Hallmark have a card for this Day yet? I love both your adorable cats!

  3. Hi Diane, I didn't know it was love your pet day, but like you said, loved everyday! And spoiled I might add, in my Doyle's case. Love your kitties, they are both so cute and photogenic. I agree each pet has his or her own personality. Your snow certainly is beautiful. I love it just fallen. :)

    1. You inspired me to post about Doyle and past pets....thanks!

    2. Going to check out your post right now!

  4. Aw, what a fun post! I love your cats. They are both adorable. We adore our two cats. They are quite spoiled!

  5. It sounds like you love your cats dearly, Diane. I am looking at your snow, and it looks different than what I've seen on my friend's blogs. It's so fluffy, soft, and clean. So beautiful, and you have an abundance of it! Aahh, the red cardinal......that bird always puts a smile on my face. What a great picture this is.

    Thank you for these pictures, Diane. The Pink blossom trees are already starting to bloom here, so we may have an early spring.

    love, ~Sheri

  6. Diane, I love this post! I am smiling big time! Give your fur babies a hug for me! Even Dot! LOL! Your pictures are gorgeous! I love snow! It's just a peaceful time of year! A quiet time! I love the picture of Guy's ears backwards! LOL! Big Hugs!

  7. Great post - snow, sun, and cats, sometimes all in one photo!

  8. Dot and Guy look like such sweethearts!<3


  9. Oh Diane - I so loved seeing Dot and Guy Noir. I know these two have a wonderful home and are certainly well loved. Looks like you did get quite a bit of snow. Ours has all disappeared. Amazing how eight inches can melt when it warms up and the sun shines. Saw robins today - yeah! I think spring is almost here. Hugs!

  10. Oh my goodness just look at all that snow – I’m with Guy – please let me in! It looks absolutely beautiful, but I don’t enjoy the cold anymore. We were praying for a little (a VERY little) while our granddaughters were over from Australia, but none arrived – I should have sent the girls on to you!
    We don’t have any pets now but we did in the past, dogs, cats, budgerigars, gerbils to name just a few. love another cat or a dog but my husband is dead set against it as he prefers holidays!! Have a lovely rest of the week. Barbara x

  11. Hi Diane,

    Just quickly dropping in before I go and get some sleep. What a pawesome pawst, as Penny would say! :)

    Penny and I both love seeing your cats. As for snow, over here in the UK, what snow?

    Thank you, Diane.

    Gary :)

  12. Love your pets more than anything, ever, always, and drop everything for them...that is the standard day at my house!

  13. Love your black kitties!

    And how interesting... One goes outside, on a harness. How cool. :-)

    Gentle Spring Time hugs,


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