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Robert Frost

Monday, August 3, 2015

A Few Favorite Things

Here are just a few of my favorite things! 
And they all are from my own back yard and home....

Baby Ducks... Wood Ducks... taken late June...

A few shots of our flowers around the back gate and in the inside the yard. I'm happy to report that we now have two kinds of bumble bees in our yard and a few more butterflies have been visiting. Still no sign of any frogs though.

 A berry trifle for our house guests!

 Going into the back yard from the lakeside. The flowers love to grow here and hang in front of the gate.  We've had a super abundance of bunnies this year and they apparently love those tall blue flowers, sorry, I can't remember the name, but they reseed easily and end up in unexpected places....

 Guests for dinner? Well yes, these bunnies decided to dine with us, 
alfresco of course!

 We dined on grilled baby squash, potatoes and chicken....

 And the bunnies had their own feast!

 The next day Dot oversees the back yard, 
.....see her paw, there's a dot at the tip....

 Some daylilies, bee balm and a few weeds next to the lake shore....

 Guy is a very well behaved boy on his leash.

 Guy hanging out with Dot!

Guy finds something in the grass and stands on the leash...
 Dot says...... Hey, Hey, get offa my Leash!!

 My view from a back yard bench... this is why I find it hard to leave.

 A view of our little lake over the flowers...

 When I took this the phlox were just starting to bloom... I'm behind on my photos more will be coming soon!

 There are a few patches of swamp milkweed next to the lake-shore, I've seen a few pairs of Monarch butterflies doing a mating 'dance' mid-air!

These cheerful Yellow day-lilies always brighten my day, as I hope they've brightened yours!

Thank you for joining me and taking a look at some of my favorite things...
~ Peace ~ 
~ Love for All ~


  1. What a lovely, peaceful place you have and dear felines too.

    Happy Summer ~ FlowerLady

  2. Absolutely gorgeous and soothing, lovely nature views, beautiful cats, good food!

  3. Dear Diane, how could you ever leave? You have found your very own piece of paradise there. It is absolutely beautiful. I love the bunnies in your back yard and Dot and Guy of course. I smiled to see Guy standing on Dot’s leash; do they ever get into a tangle? The berry trifle looks delicious as did your meal. Wonderful post, thank you so much for sharing all the photographs.

    1. Yes, the kitties do get tangled now and then! I'm always close by to help them out!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous Diane! Your yard is amazing. I would never want to leave. Sweet kitties. They do well on their leashes? I tried that with a cat I used to have, and it was not a good experience, lol.

    Why yes, I would like a little of your trifle! :) Looks delish!

  5. Diane, your back yard is just magical. And to see those bunnies right there must be a sight! I have those same yellow lilies in our front yard. They were already planted when we moved to our new home, and I was going to change them out, but I'm starting to like them now. They are sturdy flowers. The berry trifle looks yummy. How nice it would be to have a lake in your very own back yard.

    Happy August days.

    love, ~Sheri

  6. Dear Diane- oh this was the best visit . Your photos of your garden and yard are so beautiful. I can see why you would never want to leave with such a lovely spot by the lake. Guy and Dot are just adorable. Looks like they tolerate each other fairly well. I am sure your fur babies give you a great deal of joy. I know mine do. So glad you found some bees and butterflies. Looks like summer has finally arrived. Enjoy every moment! Hugs

  7. Wow, what a wonderful collection of photos! You live in such a gorgeous area. The photos alone make me feel so relaxed; I can just imagine seeing all that in person. Dot is such a beautiful cat! And Guy is looking handsome, as always.

  8. That all looks lovely! (And now I want to be one of your houseguests.) We have a few bees now, and butterflies, which makes me happy. I don't think we've ever had a frog, but we're not near the water.

  9. Absolutely beautiful, every photograph! And so much happiness. Have a great weekend. x

  10. Truly magical! Your garden has such a calming affect! I love it! We have been getting lots of bunnies too ;o) You meal looked so yummy! Give Dot and Guy hugs from me! Big Hugs ;o)

  11. Love Dot and Guy! Truly wonderful pics and such a beautiful slice of Heaven. Thanks for sharing and I must add that your chicken, squash, and potato dish looks simply delish!

  12. What a beautiful and peaceful yard! Love those little bunnies. We have had an abundance of them this year also. So fun to watch them run and play.


  13. Just came across your blog! Way cute. :) I love your posts. I'm visiting from The Mr. & The Mrs. Blog. Www.chelseyhatch.blogspot.com check it out if you'd like!! :)


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