“In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: It Goes On.”
Robert Frost

Monday, June 22, 2015

Summer in the City

No I have not fallen off the face of the earth. I am still here!
Just busy, oh so busy. Trying to fit in all the summer, work and play activities ... so little time and so much to do!

Because of course now is the time for garage, estate sales and flea markets!

 This cute Bunny shaped baby dish is from the 1950's.
It sold the day after I listed it! I can see why, it's cute as can be!


Even Cuter than that are these darling cardboard wall art figures of
"The Three Little Kittens". Including  Mom and the Pie! They are available in my shop.

 "I love you this much!!"

"Where's the tea?"

"Oh, we're so sorry Mom, somehow we lost our mittens, 
but please can't we have some pie?"

Now I must go on this lovely evening and 
catch up with all of you on your blogs. 
See you soon! 
~ Diane ~


  1. Oh my gosh! Cutest cats ever! Except of course for your REAL ones! ;)
    I'm glad you've been finding stuff in the big city!

    1. Erica, you would not believe what people get rid of or just set at the curb with a 'Free' sign on it. You could practically furnish your whole house from it!

  2. Your posts never, ever disappoint! I always enjoy them and look forward to them. Love post and music once again!

  3. That bunny dish is so cute! I would have killed to have had that as a child, LOL. And hey, today on my blog, I used a vintage rainbow chicks image that I got from your blog a while back. Thanks!

    1. I don't think we ever had anything that cute either. Have to go check out your new post!

  4. Sooooo adorable, especially the plastic bunny. And as for the music - too cute!

  5. Hi Diane, I know just what you mean – the days are sunny and the garden so tempting and flea markets, car boot sales every weekend – boy it makes it hard to fit everything in. Your latest finds are perfectly adorable! Barbara x

  6. Oh Diane, I am on cute overload. How did you manage to sell such sweeties! Happy summer! :)

  7. Adorable items! And that bunny dish is from the 50's! That is remarkable.

  8. Ah Diane- This bunny baby dish is adorable. I can see why it didn't last long in your shop. As for" The Three Little Kittens" brings back wonderful childhood memories. I am sure I had a storybook with these three felines. Wonder what happened to that little Golden book? Thank you for the reminder of such a sweet time of life. Have a beautiful day. Hugs

  9. Thank you everyone for visiting!! Hugs to all!!

  10. Hi kindred, aw, what an adorable bunny dish, very sweet. and I love the three little kittens of course! Magical...thanks for sharing them! Wishing you a fantastic summer too! Enjoy!!

  11. You are killing me with all of the cuteness! LOVE IT!

  12. Diane, it sounds like you've been a busy one. I really like the vintage finds, especially the tea cat. :~)Garage sales and flea markets are so fun to go to, and if I find some goodies, it's that much better.

    Enjoy the June days, as they are almost over!

    love, ~Sheri

  13. Hi Diane,

    Hot town, summer in the city...Such a pictorial delight and your usual soothing background music. Whenever I need my cute fix, I do my best to visit here. Heck, even the dog approves on the kitty pictures :)

    Take good care, Diane.

    Gary :)

  14. You are finding some seriously adorable items, Diane! I had some of the cardboard characters on my walls as a child. Happy times. Enjoy your summer shopping!

  15. You find the best things!! Everytime I look at my rabbit and chicks and towels, I smile! Big Hugs and I hope everything is well ;o) I hope you are still enjoying your stones?


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