“In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: It Goes On.”
Robert Frost

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Remembering Balisha~Patricia


Sometimes bad things happen to good people.  Such was the case with a good blogging friend by the name of Patricia.  We didn't always know her real name. Her blog was called Simply Balisha. Only recently did she tell us that her name was Patricia and that the nickname Balisha was given to her by her husband who rhymed it with her real name.

Of course during that time I had always mispronounced it in my head as Ba-leeesha.  So when she told us her real name it took me a bit to adjust. She was telling us this to prepare us for what was just the beginning of a huge change to come in Balisha~Patricia's life and everyone who knew her.  She told us that she had terminal cancer. Through the tears and words that we her blogging friends shared and the back and forth messages, she left us with a wonderful gift. 

It was one of her favorite gifts, the gift of words. Patricia was an inspirational writer, a wonderful and loving wife, mother, grandmother and friend.  In her blog she shared all of those things with us.  She spoke of her craft projects and cooking, of helping friends and learning new things.  She was a dear sweet woman who was taken too soon away from her family and friends. Patricia was a very strong woman with a deep Christian faith and I find this a fitting time to remember her on one of her favorite holidays, Easter. Below, you will find the words she left for us in the form of a poem.

Morning...by Balisha

Waking up this morning....I'm in my cozy bed,
I heard a birdie singing and this is what he said...
"Good morning dear Balisha...I'm visiting from above,
The skies are clear and beautiful and I am full of love.
I came so early to cheer you up and make you feel OK..
Some other friends are here with me and this is what they say"..
The little wren (my favorite) brings songs so full of joy...
The robin with his winter coat....is being oh so coy..
The black bird on the wire....is too shy to come down..
He squawks his message from above..his face is in a frown.
The chipmunk  out of hiding he gives his little grin...
The possum shyly gives a smile....and turns to go back in.
The sun is  up ... gives me a nod  and stops to say hello..
A sunny day is what we need to warm us down below.
I turn toward the downy bed to rest a little more...
All is well today... a good day is in store. 

Even though we never set eyes on each other, I felt a connection to her as I do with many of my other blogging friends.  For a long time she was one of the first people to arrive at my blog after I posted something new. I miss her.  That was the last poem Patricia posted on her blog and within a few short days, she was gone.

Happy Easter Balisha~Patricia
May the stars shine bright where you are...

Happy Easter and Happy Spring 
to all my dear blogging friends.
At this time of rebirth and renewal I wish you all peace.

~~~ Diane ~~~


  1. Oh Diane, this is a lovely post, I did not know Patricia, but she sounds like a sweet lady and her poem was wonderful. I am so sorry for your loss.

  2. Dear Diane,

    This post deeply touches my heart, and I am so very sorry for your loss. She sounds like a wonderful human being. Sending you a warm hug. Happy Easter to you, dear friend.

  3. I'm so sorry. We share more with blog friends than many people we see every day, I think.

  4. An absolutely endearing tribute to your friend Balisha and such a beautiful poem. I sincerely hope that you find solace through family and friends in her passing. As much as we so miss our friends, know they no longer have to suffer and that we will see them again. Also that it helps instill a sense of peace and comfort. My heart goes out to Balisha's loved ones and I'm quite certain, like the little Blackbird in her poem, she smiles from above, down upon you. You are in my thoughts and prayers Diane.

  5. This was a lovely tribute to our dear friend Balisha. I miss her too. She was dear, kind, encouraging, her faith strong. She was a blessing to many. She is with our God now, and I'm so glad she didn't suffer long. I told her I hoped my dear husband would greet her when she got there, and who knows, maybe he did.

    Love & hugs to you and have a lovely Easter ~ FlowerLady

  6. Such a sweet inspiring post Diane. I did not know Patricia, but wish I had. Blogging friends are a special group, a blessing.

    Hope you have a Happy Easter!

  7. Oh...what a beautiful and heartwarming tribute. I'm so sorry you lost a friend. May she rest in peace.

    1. Thank you everyone. Patricia was a very special person. During her short but devastating illness, she had so much grace and strength it was amazing. Every time I felt like letting some petty annoyance get me down, all I had to do was think of Patricia and what she was going through and realize how much I had to be grateful and thankful for. She helped to make me a better person. Blessings to all my Lovely Bloggy Friends!

  8. I'm so sorry to hear the news, but how wonderful that she touched you and others with her words.

  9. Dear Diane - your post was such a beautiful tribute to your friend. Her poem was wonderful. You can truly see what a lovely woman she was. Thanks for sharing her here with us. Take care and have a Happy Easter!! Hugs

  10. Sorry , that's really very sad , you a made a wonderful post about your friend. I liked her poem ,simply beautiful .

  11. Oh Diane, I'm so sorry to hear about your beloved friend, Balisha (Patricia). This is a beautiful post to remember her by. I notice she talks of the robin in her poem, which I love and just posted about. She sounds like such a dear woman. May she be in peace now.

    love, ~Sheri

    by the way, as I am writing this, I hear the sound of the train's horn as it passes through town. :~)

  12. Diane, just wanted you to know that I put you on our side bar as "lovely blogs." I don't have too many up there, but you have a special blog, my friend. :~)


  13. Dear Diane, I had tears in my eyes as I read this sweet post, I didn’t know Balisha~Patricia but I wish I had. My blogging friends have enriched my life far more than they will ever know, and I’m sure that’s true for you to. Much love Barbara x

  14. I am so sorry Diane! She sounded like such a wonderful person! May she rest in peace! Big healing hugs!

  15. Oh Diane, thank you for sharing this! What a wonderful woman, her peace and serenity shines through in this poem. Bless you. xx


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