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Robert Frost

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring into Action

Spring will be here in just a few hours, the calendar says the first day of spring is March 20th. I am happy to say that it is starting to look like the beginning of spring around here too. Some plants are emerging from the leaf litter and showing their little green leaves.  The grass is starting to grow.

The most evident sign of spring was last week, when I heard a flock of geese overhead.  They were surveying our lake to see if there was open water to land.  Our pond has melted at the edges, just enough room for the ducks to start paddling around. We have a flock of about 25 mallards here right now.  Some of them will head on north as the ice melts off the northern lakes.

The geese stopped to look around a bit for nesting spots, but left in search of a larger lake.  They will come back as things melt and they have more room to swim around.  We may have some flowers soon if the warmer weather continues! Until that happens, here are some cute Vintage Spring things to cheer you up!

For more information about each item, simply click on the highlighted title above each item.

Isn't this just one of the cutest bunnies you've ever seen!

Bunny Rabbit Planter

Here are more cute things I've added to my shop this past week.  Some have been sitting on shelves for awhile and it's time to send them on to new homes. Just remember that even if you are in another country, like the UK, as long as you've been a follower and have left comments here, I will gladly quote you a shipping price. Just go to my Etsy shop CraveCute and leave me a message.

Fuzzy Duckling Book

Three Lambs Jumping a Fence

Bunnykins Windy Day Mug

Yellow Chicks Salt and Pepper Shakers

Rosina "JUNE" Teacup

These cute chicks aren't listed yet, but should be in my shop soon.

I hope you enjoyed this little spring trip through my shop.  If you're wondering, the "paintings" are my photos digitally enhanced with photo editing tools. Just another thing for me to waste time with! I do like the way they turned out though! I wish I could actually paint like that! Thanks so much for visiting, I'll try and catch up with your blogs soon. ~ Diane

What kind of things are you doing to 
get ready for Spring?


  1. What a cheery and colourful Spring post! I love that painting effect on your photos -- looks so real!

  2. Such a pretty post Diane, you do cute better than anyone I know and yes, that is one of the cutest bunnies I’ve ever seen.
    I loved reading about the ducks and the geese. I hope the geese come back soon.
    Spring has sprung in the UK. Terry mowed the grass for the first time this week, and I really need to start gardening. I have lots of tidying to do but the daffodils are flowering and there are tiny new leaves on some of the shrubs.
    Happy Spring!

  3. Sweet collectibles and your photos enhanced to look like paintings are really lovely. I need to do more of that myself.

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog.

    Happy Spring ~ FlowerLady

  4. I'm getting ready for spring too, and just did a blog post about it also. Seems like we did a similar post at the same time a few weeks ago. Great minds thinking alike. :)

  5. Bunnykins is adorable. We have one of their plates. I like the little ducklings children's book, too.

    We don't really experience winter around here, but I know spring is coming because while driving along the roads today I saw the Indian Paintbrush and Texas Bluebonnets starting to bloom. I can't wait to take pics of them with our new camera!

  6. A cheerful spring post! What fun. I'm sooooo happy to say good-bye to winter. I can't wait till the garden begins to wake up.

  7. Diane,

    Your post is bringing me so much joy...the lovely photos and music. Thank you so much for sharing.

  8. Always a pleasure dropping by as I just know I'll be uplifted with your cheerful writing, your wonderful vintage finds, lovely pictures, which leads one to always crave cute!

  9. Such sweet little reminders that Spring is on its way (less than 12 hours now)! Thanks for the smile!

  10. Dear Diane - all these treasures do make me think of spring. I sure hope it is showing up in your part of the world. We are starting to see it here. My pussy willows are budding! Definitely a sign that this wonderful season is here. Hugs!

  11. How lovely post, I loved the windy day mug photo :)
    Happy spring :)

  12. Oh, what darling little items. Very springy indeed! Thank you so much for popping in to see me and I hope you'll come back.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. Such a happy post, happy spring to you! X

  14. Oh my gosh, that tea cup is so pretty, I love it! And the bunny windy mug and the rabbit planter is darling also. I'm glad spring is coming your way. Those geese have a loud honking sound, don't they? I saw a flock at the lake recently also.

    Enjoy the spring season, Diane.

    love, ~Sheri

  15. A very springlike post. I love spring, as the hiking trails at higher elevations start to clear up!

  16. The bunny is super adorable! Love his expression. All such wonderful things! :) I welcome spring with open arms and heart, and i'm so happy it's getting there for you after the long. cold winter you've had! Big hug Diane!

  17. Super cute spring images. Very pretty post.


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