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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Whiskers Wednesday

It's been a busy two weeks since my last post! Family visits, increased sales in my shop (woohoo!), Super Bowls, etc., etc., ...... always something keeping me away from blogging!

I have been active on an Etsy Team and did a blog post last week (here) on Collecting Cookbooks, and apparently my old brain thought that I had done a post so all was well. After starting to catch up again in my CraveCute shop with packing and mailing items... I started to think what is missing? Of course I knew it was my bloggy pals. I saw a couple of Tweets and G+'s come through with new posts of some of my favorite bloggers and realized I had better get back over to my own blog and do a post!

We had a nice fluffy snowfall last night and Guy Noir and I went out for a walk this morning. One of the photos was just Purr-fect for a tweet pic with hashtag (#WhiskersWednesday). All of the other cat geeks post their cats pictures. I think Guy is one of the handsomest out there!

Here are a few other shots of our yard and snow. It was a light and fluffy snow that sparkled in the morning sun. I wish the camera had captured it better but take my word, it was really pretty!

Many of you on the East Coast have had to put up with tons of snow this year, while we here in Minnesota have barely had any.   We are about a foot below our average snow fall this year.  We may get another few inches by the weekend.  Finally we'll have enough to ski and snowshoe. It's been kind of an ugly winter, so this snow was a nice change!

I promise, I will be around to your blogs soon.  I hope you all have a lovely week and of course a wonderful Whiskers Wednesday!

 ~~~~ Diane ~~~~ 
Guy Noir ~~~~ 
~~~~  xoxoxo


  1. Guy is such a beautiful feline friend!! And I love those snowy scenes :)

  2. Oh Guy Noir -- you handsome devil! It's been a light year for snow here in Alberta too. We've had some extremely cold weather but an awful lot of mild weather too -- sounds like we and Minnesota are both getting off lightly this year!

    1. Guy Noir is my baby! He is such a sweetie and loves to snuggle after he's been out in the cold!

  3. You know, Guy is unusually attractive, Diane. There's just something about him. :~) Your snow is so beautiful, and I have another blog friend that's from Minnesota, and she says it's been soooo cold lately. The picture with the sun peeking through is very nice, and lucky you to be able to see snow in your surroundings wherever you go. What a nice post this is, and I love your title, Whiskers Wednesday hehehe.

    love, ~Sheri

  4. I always love snow pics... seeing how I've never seen snow completely cover the ground before... but I have to say that your kitten pics are SWEET! I love black cats, and boy do I miss having a cat purring at my feet. I'm still getting used to it. (We had the same two cats for close to 20 years).

    Does Guy Noir enjoy the snow?

  5. I love Guy Noir! What a cutey ;o) Give him hugs from me ;o) You live in such a beautiful area ;o) We are under for snow as well. Not a winter like we usually have. xoxoxo

  6. Guy Noir is handsome indeed. Very much so! And what lovely eyes and lush fur too! :) The snow is beautiful. Sometimes i wish we had a little here in western Oregon. Not enough to have to shovel a lot, lol, because i don't like that.. but enough to look sparkly and pretty for a little while!

  7. Dear Diane - Guy is certainly one of the most handsomest kitties I have seen. Your winter photos are beautiful too. Sounds like winter has been a bit kinder in your neck of the woods. We must be getting your snowfall this year (LOL). Thanks so much dear for sharing your handsome fellow and your winter scenes. Hugs

  8. Oh my, your sweet Guy Noir is just the cutest, as is his name! Beautiful photos. I'm wishing for some snow, but all we get is rain.

  9. Oh, Diane, Guy is very handsome!!! I love your photos! I have had a few black cats in my life and they were so precious and sweet. Thank you so much for sharing, and, as always, I love the music, too. :)

  10. Guy Noir is indeed very handsome. Of course, I have a soft spot for black cats. Your winter photos are beautiful!

  11. Guy is so cute.
    And in this weather
    Guy would be a sweet snuggle partner.


  12. Guy is so brave! My cats would never go out in the snow. Unless there were fishie treats in it.


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