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Robert Frost

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Appreciation for Garden Friends

Guess what today is?

                                                         source: Patricia Barton from the Happy Rabbit
It's Squirrel Appreciation Day!

Most of you know that I love squirrels! I did an entire post which you may read here.  Since that time I have acquired even more squirrels, like this crazy guy I found last year.

Thank you to all my crazy furry little friends! I love all the little squirrels, the red, the gray and the white. Come to my yard little squirrels, where treats will delight you! Thank you for entertaining me (and the kitties)  
for all these years!

xox Diane xox


  1. I'll be sure to go and appreciate a squirrel today, if I can find one.

  2. Diane, I love all the squirrel figurines, but I must admit, I'm a bit startled when they pop up right in front of me. I had no idea that there was a 'squirrel appreciation day" - how wonderful is that? Thank you for the comment on my "lovely" post today. It means a lot. It was just what I've been thinking lately. I'm off to check out your squirrel post hehehe.

    love, ~Sheri

  3. Hi Diane, what a lovely post. I love squirrels, and it is nice that there is a special day for them. The music is lovely and light.

  4. I love them, too! And I've been appreciating them throughout the winter as I put out food for them daily. Just to help them get through the cold weather.

  5. Back when I lived in Pearland we had a regular squirrel visitor named "Sassy." I would be outside in the backyard, and all of a sudden Id feel something tapping the top of my foot. I'd look down, and there Sassy would be. She'd tap my foot to tell me to feed her some nuts, but no one was outside while she was visiting she would help herself to a treat. (She discovered on her own where we kept her treats outside). She would even let us hand feed her.

    One day she decided to bring a friend along. We named him "Samwise Gamgee." He was a little shy, and not as trusting and fearless as Sassy, but he wasn't opposed to being hand fed either.

    My grandmother used to have a squirrel visitor, too. She and her husband would keep a bowl of nuts on the floor inside the kitchen for it. It would tap the glass on their kitchen door to be let inside and grab a pecan. It was an injured squirrel, too. It's tail or something was injured, from a cat I think. Still... I think it was a happy thing and it seemed to heal fine.

  6. Love it, squirrels are so cute, but what a pest they are. I let them eat their fill and then chase them off if I can. When its really cold like today was, I put out stuff just for them away from my feeders.
    Love your pictures

  7. Hi Diane-
    We love squirrels around here too! In the summer we leave a trail of peanuts across our patio. The trail leads right to a big pile of nuts right in front of the sliding glass door. Our dogs sit inside, with just the glass separating them from the squirrels. The dogs literally shake, they want to get the squirrels so bad! But the squirrels are so used to them, they just casually sit there and eat their peanuts...knowing that the dogs can't really get them. And then come....the chipmunks! Talk about cute! LOL
    Erica :)

  8. Happy squirrel day - for yesterday!

  9. Hi Diane..Yay...fantastic news..I adore them too..they are a fun part of my daily life ..we get all colors here too! What a beautiful tribute..wonderful post..hooray!

  10. ......*please, please load up Diane's site, you darned slow computer....*

    Yay and hi Diane,

    Gotta love a squirrel or two. Although they can drive you nuts :) Must go now and hug a hedgehog.


  11. Ha! We feed the squirrels too! I can see them from my desk. One day we obviously didn't get the peanuts out in time, and my favorite squirrel let me know by putting all four feet up on the screen! I put the peanuts out right away.

  12. Dear Diane - love your squirrel...I adore watching them at the bird feeders. We don't seem to have as many around like we have in the past. Glad you recognize their special day! Hugs

  13. I love them too! They're adorable! And yes, our kitties are often entertained by them also. :)

  14. I love them! Even when they take ONE BITE each out of my strawberries.

  15. Hi Daine, I love squirrels too, especially the kind you feature on your blog! I used to sit in the office of our last house and watch them run up and down our garden fence – sadly there are none here – even though we only moved six miles. We used to be in Dorset now we are in Somerset, so I can only assume the Squirrels prefer Dorset! Happy Feb 1st to you. Barbara x


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