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Robert Frost

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Hello! I'd like you to meet my favorite Scarecrow, Miss Gertrude the Garden Goddess!  She is my favorite creation that I found at our Arboretum.  The place was all decked out with all sorts of spooky things and pumpkins every where!

The pumpkin house was really cute and the kids (big and little) loved it!

These Wizard of Oz scarecrows were just downright weird and alien looking!

The day couldn't have been more perfect!  Gorgeous blue skies, with no clouds in sight. It was really a gift!

I loved this scarecrow too! A Crow Scarecrow!! Amazing!

This had to be the spookiest scarecrow of all!  Wouldn't want to meet him in the dark!

There were Gardener scarecrows........

And there were scarecrows that were just unusual!

Goofy scarecrows......

Ethereal scarecrows......

Even the sculptures got into the act with some pumpkins... sorry I can't remember the name of these gals... Now I'm going to shut up and let you enjoy the photos and the spooky music.  If you don't like a particular selection, just go up to the Soundcloud widget and click on down the selections for something else.

Hope you enjoyed your virtual visit almost as much as I enjoyed my real one!

Happy Halloween to be!!

~~~ Diane ~~~


  1. Happy Halloween Diane ;o)
    I love the music! Very spooky!
    What a great day you had! Gorgeous weather!
    I love your pictures! Those scarecrows are amazing! My two favourite are the Ethereal scarecrows and the Crow scarecrow ;o)
    Big Hugs ;o)

  2. Nothing is better than pumpkins, scarecrows and a gorgeous autumn day! Looks like you had a truly lovely time

  3. Dear Diane, the pictures are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing them, thank you also for the books received today. I’m thrilled to bits with them and I know my sister will love them. I’m so impressed with the way you wrapped them and with the lovely card, thank you!
    Happy Halloween Diane, thanks again, Barbara xx
    PS I loved the music on this post x

  4. I love these!!! I love this time of year. That foliage is amazing!

  5. Wonderful Halloween and autumn post! I love Miss Gertrude. And your photos are beautiful. What a lovely time you had.

  6. Thanks for sharing! What a fantastic place your arboretum is. Your photos are gorgeous also. I really need a new camera, lol.

  7. Oh Diane - what a gorgeous place and your photos are stunning. The last one with the sunlight takes my breath away. Loved the gardening scarecrows - gets me thinking I might want to make a couple for my Shed Porch. Have a super week-end - Hugs

  8. I adore all these images, thanks for sharing and happy Halloween!

  9. Beautiful colours, what an amazing show for Halloween :) Arboretums are delightful.

  10. Now the whole oz cast doesn't have a brain

  11. Hi Kindred..wow..what a beautiful post..the scenic autumnal photos and trees are mesmerizing and gorgeous! and how I love all the enchanting Halloween pictures you have shared..magical and charming..very festive..my fave is that pumpkin house..how cool! Shine on kindred!

  12. Good one Adam! Thank you everyone for stopping in! Happy Halloween!!

  13. I'm in love with all those autumn colors. Never in my life have I seen anything like that besides in photos. It must be amazing in person. I'm gonna have to travel somewhere like this one day. New England, Tennessee... SOMEWHERE!

    Happy Halloween!

  14. Thank you for the tour! The foliage is gorgeous. And I want to go live in the pumpkin house!

  15. Hi Diane,

    What a spooky virtual tour and with the highlights of the resplendent fall colours. Superbly done and I felt like I was there.

    And yes, you're not imagining this, I'm actually here :) Sorry for my absence during a hectic time.

    Gary :)

  16. Diane,
    The pictures you have taken are so beautiful, and really show all the colors of this glorious season of Autumn. I see you have the golds and the oranges and the even the reds where you live also. I hope you are enjoying the month of November.



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