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Robert Frost

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Chipmunk Invasion

Last I left you, my kitty Guy was afflicted with Chipmunk Fever. Well that hasn't changed.

What has changed is that now we have a full blown case of ...

 Chipmunk Invasion!!!

First off here is a cute little book about those darling fantasy chipmunks, the ones that only exist in children's books! Chip Chip is available in my shop.

Chippy being cute....

Chippy being smart....and naughty....

But of course it always come down to the Chippsters getting into some kind of ----- TROUBLE!

Take a look at the photos below....... A couple of weeks ago whilst I was taking something out to the garage to throw into the recycling bin, I saw a furry chipmunk scamper off behind a box. I opened the overhead garage door and thought I must have chased him out.


I didn't notice till a few days later ---- this!! I'm not sure if the hole was chewed trying to get out or trying to get in! Not only did they chew the door, they scratched away the cement floor! Anyway, now they come and go at will.

The photo above is a close up of where they chewed on the garage door.

The photo below shows how they are excavating a tunnel outside under the driveway!! 

They are moving into our garage for the winter! Guess they think I owe them for putting up with Guy all summer! Really I only had to pry them out of his mouth a couple of times (and they ran off). Usually he just sat on them (and then they ran off). Anyway, I'm leaving this up to my hubby to fix. He said something about patching the hole with metal....

Other than this and hot weather, cold weather, endless houseguests and flea market/estate sales, I have made some progress in my office and shop. I'll be back with more fun finds soon. 

Glad to be back in Blog Land, I've missed you all.  Expect a visit soon!

~~~~~~ Diane, Dot and Guy! ~~~~~~


  1. First....I love your header. How did you do that? It looks hand painted.
    Now...the chipmunks...they did the exact same thing to our garage door. We had seed in a plastic garbage can and when I opened the lid...there he was eating seed. He couldn't get out, because the level of the seed was too low. We just dumped him out and bought a metal can. They are cute....but oh so mischievous.
    Glad you are back....Balisha

    1. Wow! You are fast, I barely pressed publish and boom, there you are! So happy you found me again!! The header was done with several different layers and photo editing. I spend way too much time messing around with those type of things!! Your story is so funny, bet you were surprised!! We have lived here for almost 20 years and this is the first time this has happened. I think it started because my hubby left the garage door open all day on a weekend and they came in and couldn't get out. I'm blaming him! Hahhaha!

  2. They are cute little guys , and naughty it seems.
    Love that little vintage book.
    You do sound busy , I hope you get time to enjoy .

  3. I've never had a chipmunk problem before, but while renting our friend's house last year while our house was being built, battling the mice was a daily ordeal. (Also snakes, which is a problem that followed us to our new home). Of course, her house is on 43 uncut acres so the rodents took over the place. Some were BIG, too.

    At least chipmunks can be cute! (At least I think they're cute. It's those puffy cheeks).

  4. Chipmunks in the garage, oh noes! I see Trouble ahead! Maybe Guy should go live in the garage for awhile and dissuade them from moving into the neighbourhood.

  5. Those cute little mischievous chipmunks!! Geez they should at least sing for you to make up for the garage :-)

  6. Welcome back! I'm amazed at the damage they've done - wow - not so cute after all!

  7. All you need is Alvin and his two brothers

  8. You guys are all so funny!! Yes they are gosh darned cute! Yes, they can sing!! I should record them in my back yard, it's "CHip, Chip, CHip, Chip, Chip" all day long!! Yes, they are naughty and Yes, I think I'll start calling any of them I see ALVIN!!

  9. Oh my Diane - it does look like the chipmunks have decided the garage will make a great winter spot. Even though they are destructive are they not cute or what? So glad to have you back - missed you!

  10. Diane,
    I'm so sorry to hear that chipmunks have invaded your home! I can't believe they made a hole in the cement floor! I have to say that I do love this vintage chipmunk book though. I can't tell the difference between squirrels and chipmunks, and I just took a picture of one at the park the other day. Here's hoping that this chipmunk problem clears up before winter starts.


  11. Hi Dianne, we’ve missed you too! I’ve never seen a chipmunk other than in books or on TV, so I am very envious. Mind you, I’m not envious of the hole in the garage door that will take some fixing. I found a snake in the garden the other day. I think it’s just a grass snake, but I don’t intend to find out! We also have a large wasp nest just outside the back door. I would be happy to swap either one for your chipmunk. You’ve had some really nice finds lately, and this little book is great. Have a super weekend, Barbara

  12. Hehehe...chipmunks are such mischievous little characters; always up to something, and quite nosy! Not to mention how opportunistic they are. Which chipmunk wouldn't want to cozy up in the garage for the winter in a nice soft spot? Don't be surprised if they're stashing food somewhere in there.

  13. It is amazing how much damage a little rodent can do. The Little Golden Book brings back such fond childhood memories for me!!!

  14. So cute! We saw a baby one when we were out on a walk yesterday.

  15. Good to see you post! Your header is great. I didn't realize how pesky chipmunks could be. They are so cute! Our dog found a snake in the laundry room this week. Ugh.

  16. Hey Diane!
    First I have to say, thank you for your kind words on my blog ;o) I appreciate everything my friend ;o)
    So happy you are back! I have missed you!
    We have chipmunks, squirrels and raccoon fever! It is crazy! They take my rocks! They chew on our chairs. Nuts! Really nuts! LOL!
    I feel for you, seriously! I don't know if it's because of the long winter they had and they don't have a lot of food? They say we are going to get another bad winter. Maybe they know?
    I wish you all the best!
    Give your fur babies a hug for me ;o)

  17. Hi Diane,

    Oh my, I didn't realize these cute creatures could do so much damage! Maybe I am lucky because they are eating so much bird seed they don't care about chewing other things ... LOL! They make for great photos :-)


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