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Friday, July 11, 2014

Nature in Glass

Summer in the Arboretum Garden ...

My house-guests are away visiting other relatives for a few days but will return on Saturday. I thought I would write a quick post on one of our activities that I had been looking forward to for a few weeks.

We spent several hours at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum where we toured the grounds and checked out one of the summer exhibits. This is the largest public garden in the upper Midwest and is over 1,000 acres (4.60 km2).

The arboretum features unusual art works every year and this one is quite stunning!  It is called Nature in Glass and features the work of Craig Mitchell Smith.  The exhibit contains 32 unique and stunning glass sculptures that adorn the Arboretum outdoor gardens and collections.

Mr. Smith designed large iridescent, fused-glass sculptures that were created specifically for the Arboretum's unique outdoor setting. This is one of the best exhibits I have seen at the Arb. and I was very happy to find several of the pieces of art and photograph them.  I missed a few, and will return later on a less hot and stifling day! 


I love the roses! The scent was amazing too!

"The Grape Arbor"

"The Hollyhocks"

"The Hydrangea"

"The Poppies of Oz"

"The Road to Provence"

"The Rose Blossom"

"The Water Garden"

"The Wisteria"

I hope you enjoyed this little tour. I'll be back here again before you know it, but right now I need to start getting ready for my guests return! Please have a lovely weekend! ~ Diane


  1. How gorgeous and magical.so many spectacular blooms and floral enchantment! Thanks for sharing this beautiful adventure!

  2. What a beautiful place. I really enjoyed these pictures. Have a nice weekend with your company.

  3. Looks beautiful! I haven't been there in years! :)

  4. Love the glass floral sculptures -- as if the gardens themselves were not beautiful enough! I've visited many magnificent public gardens in various cities over the years and your Arboretum looks like an excellent one!

  5. Hi Diane,

    I thoroughly enjoyed this virtual tour. Such a splendid time. The photos immersed me with the magic I'm grateful for that, my peaceful friend.

    A magical weekend to you and your loved ones.

    Gary :)

  6. Hi Diane, what a gorgeous place! Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful tour! And the music that you have chosen is just lovely!

  7. Over 1,000 acres! What a spectacular place!

  8. Diane, wow, what a beautiful post! What an amazing place! I would love to go to this public garden!
    Hope you are well and enjoying your guests ;o) Big Hugs ;o )

  9. It looks beautiful, I'd love to visit!

  10. Oh my, look at those pink roses, they're so pretty! The glass sculptures are interesting, and you know which one is my favorite.......the rose. What a delightful place this is, Diane. I'd love to visit here myself.


  11. That looks like a gorgeous place, and I love the glass art!

  12. What a beautiful place, thanks for letting us join your tour. Both the glass sculptures and real flowers are amazing. I really like the 'Poppies of Oz'.

  13. What a wonderful garden! And the glass flowers are so amazing!

  14. Hello Diane, I’m just back from my holiday but looking at your lovely post makes me feel like I’m still on holiday! Hugs Barbara


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