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Robert Frost

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Finally Spring

I now can say that spring has finally arrived in full force.  It has been very slow getting here. Many of you have been posting your blooming flowers and trees and I have been impatiently waiting here for something to happen.  Well I can finally report we have leaves emerging from the trees and plums and cherries blooming.

Monday we had 2 inches of rain, but the rest of the week should be sunny and warm.

The hearts on the Bleeding Heart plants are just starting to bloom!

We've had weeks of cold miserable weather... I was so happy to see the sun shine through the leaves of these Blood Root plants.

The leaves are just opening now, almost three weeks behind the norm.

I found a cute book last year that also has a spring theme, so it works perfectly with today's post.  The book is titled Pussy Willow. It is a charming book about a fuzzy little kitty named Pussy Willow. This is a Little Golden Book written by Margaret Wise Brown and illustrated by Leonard Weisgard. Western Publishing Company 1979 edition. It has darling illustrations throughout!

Pussy Willow goes on an adventure and 
makes many friends along the way.

 When the pussywillow buds disappear, Pussy Willow the 
kitten goes searching for them.

 He looks everywhere for the pussywillows, 
and makes some unlikely friends!

Pussy Willow is available for purchase here.

Pussy Willow reminds me of my very own fuzzy kitten, Guy Noir, who actually had his second birthday last month. Oh they grow up so fast!  Speaking of kitties, both Guy and Dot are very thrilled to be able to go outside with me and enjoy some of our wonderful sunshine.

We will be busy with house-guests for the next couple of weeks, but I will try to get around to your blogs in between some of my chores.

Take care everyone.  I'll try to stop in soon!

~~ Diane ~~


  1. Isn't it great to finally see blooming things! I can't wait for my lilacs to bloom! :)

  2. Glad you are finally seeing spring in your neck of the woods. I bet that two inches of rain will really be noticed in a couple of days when everything starts to get even more colorful!

  3. Lovely to see your spring is arriving, I illustrated a Margaret Wise Brown book 'Sleep tight Sleepy Bears' last year, I hadn't heard of this lady until then, she is quite big over your way. :) Lovely little kitten :)

  4. Diane,
    I'm glad spring has finally arrived in your area. I really like those purple flowers. I love the Little Golden Books. They are such a delight, and I read the one that Jess gave me for my birthday this morning.

    Enjoy your nice weather, Diane.


  5. Wow..so lucky...those blooms look magnificent and exciting( we are slow this season, still waiting) ..love those bleeding hearts!Gorgeous!!
    Yay..enjoy your guests!! And lovely book and cat art..so cute!
    Wishing you a wonderful sunshiny day!

  6. Hello Diane, I know how much you've been longing for the spring to arrive. It must feel wonderful now it finally has. I loved all your 'photos, and the little book is really sweet.
    We’ve had several days of warm sunshine so the flowers and plants are charging ahead. My dahlias survived the winter, so I’m looking forward to seeing them flower later in the year.
    Thanks for sharing so many good things!

  7. I'm so pleased spring has arrived, enjoy! Lovely book too!

  8. Hello my friend ;o) We are behind too, with everything growing outside! Like you said, 3 weeks! Some things that i thought were dead, are just now coming along. I planted mom 3 rose bushes for mother's day and still nothing! Just sticks, sticking out of the earth! LOL! But, I know they are still alive. So, I am hoping soon ;o)
    That book is so darn cute!!!
    Happy birthday to Guy Noir ;o) Big hugs to your fur babies ;o)

  9. Dear Diane - your Virginia bluebells are just starting to bloom...mine are finished - so love them and very glad you enjoy them at your home now. Bleeding heart is looking wonderful...mine in full bloom - will probably be done when yours are just getting gorgeous...I will stop by to revisit these beauties. Maybe I can hold Guy and Dot while I wander through your gardens.
    What a sweet book - one I certainly missed reading when small...need to check this out. Those illustrations are superb!! Have a great Memorial Day week end and enjoy your guests. Hugs!

  10. Finally is right! My family is so happy and has been sending pictures.

  11. Hello Diane,
    Oh I am so clapping ~ I honestly remember having that very book as a child !!!! My grandmother use to but me all the golden books , which I loved !!! SO sweet .
    Beautiful to see your garden growing.
    Do you live on that lovely lake with those marvelous trees and is that your cute little bird house ?
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

    1. The photo was taken from our yard into the neighbors, I wanted to get the large willow tree with its bright green leaves. Yes we live on a lovely little lake. The bird house is actually for wood ducks.

  12. What an adorable and wonderfully illustrated book! :). I love cute little kitty, and even at my (older) age, i love to look at the Golden Books. Always so charming!

    I'm happy for you that Spring has fully arrived! I love your flower photos, and double love all the lovely green!

    1. Mary, most of the books I post about are ones I have never seen before. Now as an (older) adult, I can really appreciate the true artistry of these illustrators. And as my blog states, I Always Crave Cute! ~ Diane

  13. Glad to know that you're finally having your spring flowers there. Looking forward to more flower photos from you. That Pussy Willow story is really heartwarming. Thanks for sharing.


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