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Robert Frost

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Overwhelmed With Cuteness

We're having snow today and rain and sneet (snow and sleet), ......*Big Sigh*...; Anyway, I thought more cute was in order to get us through the rest of the week.  So here goes.... first a cute image from one of my vintage books.  The story is familiar but the illustrations are just adorable and over the top cute.  

The book is Peter Rabbit retold by Wallace C. Wadsworth 
and illustrated by Anne Sellers Leaf. The book was published in 1953.

The rest of the images are from Pinterest. 
Click on the image for the link.

Bunny Butt! March 30, 2014

Adorable!!  Google+

French Country Toile ~ Life is Beautiful

•♥•✿ڿڰۣ(̆̃̃•Aussiegirl.  #Adorable
Bunny and Roses - SO CUTE!

dancing baby duck

Spring Time on the pond

Omg, overwhelmed with cuteness

All listened intensely as Fuzzy Paws spoke of the time he found the gate to the carrot farm left wide open :)

baby ducks
Vintage Card circa 1940's

Hope you enjoyed these cute images and that your weather is better than mine.  Spring is supposed to make its return this weekend! 
See you soon!
~~~ Diane ~~~


  1. They are all cute, but I love the photo from your book the best, double cute! Sorry for your snow, not very spring like! Our temps went down to the 30's today but at least we didn't have snow. Hope we all warm up soon. :)

  2. oh my goodness this little duck face is too cute!

  3. Oh, those baby ducks.... *squeeeeeee* So cute!

  4. Loved each and every one of these -- especially the bunnies! I like how they lounge about with their legs stretched out behind them.

  5. I needed a good dose of cute. Here's to warmer weather :)

  6. No, not rain and sleet again – I don’t believe it – I was sure you would be having some spring sunshine by now! Never mind, your cute page is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face even when it snows!

    I love that little bunnies bottom (can I say that on here???) in fact, I love all the bunnies and the sweet little ducks and the book.

    I feel a Pinterest moment coming on.

    I hope the sun shines soon. Have a great weekend. xx

  7. More snow - wow. But thanks for the amazing images - so cute!

  8. Ah Diane - I would be put to a hard test to say which of these cute photos I like best...perhaps that gray bunny or the white one...the chick on one foot too. All are adorable. I am sorry you are having snow and sleet. We had it Tuesday but now it is past and beautiful spring day...chilly but sunny. I am sending that kind of day your way now. Hugs

  9. Yay..so sweet...such a super-beautiful post..gorgeous little souls..how adorably enchanting! I am totally smitten!
    Wishing you a wonderful Spring!

  10. Diane you have made my day! Thank you! I have a big smile on my face ;o) Big Hugs and Happy Easter ;o)

  11. Oh my goodness! Thank you for sharing such wonderful cute! :). I can never overdose on cute. The more over the top, the better.

  12. Yeow! Our weather has been on and off, but no sleet.

    I loved these! Particularly the bunny with his fluffy little butt :)

  13. Just found your blog, love your Easter images! Not sure how to follower your blog....I'll keep looking!!

  14. Replies
    1. Hi Chris! Welcome to my blog! Thanks so much for joining!

  15. Oh these are just the very sweetest !!!
    I got one pic up of our new baby chicks here at the farm so far .
    I loved all the images you shared here.
    Happy Easter to you Diane


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