“In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: It Goes On.”
Robert Frost

Friday, March 28, 2014

The Never Ending Winter

This is where Dot has spent most of the winter. She loves her new bed; Best Friends by Sheri (a Christmas present). I picked it up at a Home Goods store and I don't remember the actual name of the bed, but we call it the Cat Yurt. If you don't know what a yurt is look here.

When it was sunny and there was no wind, she would venture outside for about five minutes and then zoom back into the warmth of the house, (kind of like me)!

Who could blame her when you were met with Ice-Henge! These photos are from a couple of weeks ago.  Those 5 and 6 foot pillars of ice fell off of the roof! Most of them impaled themselves in the snow below, a few fell over and shattered.  Needless to say, we were very careful about standing under them or letting the kitties out until they came down.

Guy loves the snow! Only the coldest of temperatures and wind kept him inside.  I threw a wool blanket on the table and he was quite content sitting up there while I shoveled the walk.

Thankfully, some of the snow is now gone.  Melted by the somewhat warmer temperatures.  We did have a bit of snow yesterday just to tease us again.  I let Guy out for a bit and the huge flakes covered him in just a couple of minutes.  Even he has seen enough snow for this winter!

Our weather is gradually improving and on Sunday we are to warm into the mid 50's.  We are even seeing some bare ground finally.  I have to say though that this is really the ugliest time of year in Minnesota.  The snow is dirty and grimy  and nothing has started greening up yet.  But in a couple of weeks, oh what a change we will see!

In the mean time, Dot will be hanging out in her Yurt.  I will be getting round to visit your blogs and Guy will be Guy!

Have a great weekend everyone!
~~ Diane ~~


  1. Huge hugs to Guy and Dot .lol
    I love your cat yurt ~ we will
    to get our Spotty Dotty one now :))
    Have a wonderful weekend Diane

  2. Those pillars of ice look very scary, thank goodness they are all down now. The snow does look pretty, but I’m sure you will be glad to see the back of it. Raining again in the UK, but at least the flowers are coming out and there is plenty of green to look at. I love seeing pics of Dot and Guy. They look such happy cats.
    Have a lovely weekend. xx

  3. PS. I always leave your music playing after I visit your blog - very relaxing, thank you!

  4. What a couple of adorable kitties! Dot's smart to keep all cuddly warm.... I love the pic of just her eyes and ears peeking over the snow! (and that's a LOT of snow!) I bet Guy appreciated the blanket over the table -- that metal would be cold on a kitty's toes!

    1. Sarah, you are very observant. That "kitty" you see, is actually a metal bobble head stake that was left in the ground over the winter. Somehow while shoveling the snow it kept getting uncovered. And as for the blanket, nothing is too good for my fur babies!!

  5. Your photos are beautiful! Even as tired of winter as I am, I really enjoyed them. Dot has the right idea. That's where I would have liked to spend this winter. It truly feels like it'll never end. A lot of our snow has melted, and I'm beginning to see patches of my garden. Our weather is warming up in the next few days, and this may just get rid of all the snow. And it's the same here; dirty and visually unappealing. There are ugly grey snow banks around the city, and debris from the salt. No greenery, no colour. Just greyness. I hope this changes quickly as we finally see signs of spring!

  6. Diane,
    I love that picture of your cat peeking at you with all the white snow around him. These snow pictures are beautiful to me. I don't get to see it that much here, unless we go up in the higher altitude, about an hour away. Guy looks so peaceful just sitting on the table with the warm blanket under him.

    Thank you for giving me a glimpse of your world. They are really great pictures.


  7. Lovely pictures of cat. My favorite is the first. This black cat is so cute !

  8. Diane, I love this post! I love Dot in her little house and I love Guy on his wool blanket ;o) Do you have a metal roof? We do and we had tones of ice come off today! Dangerous stuff! Big Hugs and have a great weekend ;o)

  9. I just saw those eyes peaking over the snow bank and read what you wrote to the other comment.

  10. never seen a cat like the snow

  11. Gosh those shafts of ice are shocking! I love this post, and I love your cats. Pleased to hear they stayed in the warm, most of the time! :)

  12. Dot is adorable!!! And I love "Ice-Henge" :)

  13. Wow - you've had far more snow than us. And your cat is so cute!

  14. You have some serious snow there Diane - those snow pillars are amazing - I've never seen anything like that before. I love your kitty bed and your babies are gorgeous. Very cuddly!

  15. The cat yurt! I love it.

    Dot is a clone of Mandrake at that angle.

  16. Dear Diane..
    I'm delighted to visit you here today..
    Oh my goodness, you've had a tough old time with winter, my friend!...
    I'm a cat lover of the utmost kind, and seeing your two, made me smile :)
    Cat's always know to get the best places and the 'yut' looks the perfect little igloo for those bitterly cold spells..
    Diane, my daughter and I LOVE your music that's accompanying us through the post.. Soo lovely!
    Thank you for kindest visits always...
    Hugs Maria x

  17. Your cats are so cute, I love your cat yurt, I wish my cat would sleep in a cat bed but he refuses to sleep in them and hogs my bed instead!

  18. Hi Diane,

    Lovely photos and I forgot what snow looked like. Our poor dog, Penny, had no opportunity during the past winter to act as a snowplough :)

    It was 20 degrees C, here in England on Sunday. Or 68 degrees in old money :)


  19. Dear Diane - I am so glad you are starting to warm up. Love the pics of Dot and Guy. Never heard of a Cat Yurt...must check this out. Those ice henges are amazing...can't imagine something like this hanging down and then coming down. I can see how careful one would need to be when the walked beneath them. Take care and have a delightful week.

  20. Such sweet kitties, and they're very smart and know what's good for them. Cozy warmth inside with you! :). Icehenge is the perfect description for those giant ice/snowcicles! Yikes!!

  21. My gawd, Guy Noir is a handsome cat. Just had to say that.


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