“In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: It Goes On.”
Robert Frost

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Coming of Snow

Thanksgiving is here and snow is soon to arrive just in time to throw a snag into your travel plans.  Yes, I know, it was just a few months ago that I was ranting about being sick of snow, but I am over that now. I really am thankful, for Snow!

Many of you have already had your first taste of snow and we here in Minnesota ready ourselves for the real snow storm that will inevitably occur sometime soon.

The shovels stand in the corner of the garage accessible when needed. Some sand is ready if we get a bit of ice. My husband and I handle snow the old-fashioned way, with a shovel. No power, just the quite scrape of the snow shovel on the sidewalk. 

It really isn't such a difficult job and I love shoveling at twilight when the air is getting still and the sky is turning from pink to purple. I love that time, when it is so quiet, and I often stop shoveling to rest and just listen to .... the silence.  When all is done, a cup of hot cocoa makes it all so worth it. Looking out at the backyard and seeing the soft snow while cradling a warm cup in my hand is a beautiful feeling. 

I found this lovely poem that gives a sense of this time of year, the end of autumn, right before the snow.....

Variations: II 
Green light, from the moon,
Pours over the dark blue trees,
Green light from the autumn moon
Pours on the grass ...
Green light falls on the goblin fountain
Where hesitant lovers meet and pass.

They laugh in the moonlight, touching hands,
They move like leaves on the wind ...
I remember an autumn night like this,
And not so long ago,
When other lovers were blown like leaves,
Before the coming of snow.
  Conrad Aiken


I want to say that I am thankful for many other things,
but I am especially thankful for all of the wonderful people who
visit and comment here.

I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!


  1. Oh, you are getting snow already - lucky you! I like the pictures today that went along with the story. Illustrations are one of my favorites. Hot cocoa sounds delicious, and that white snow must be magical for you.

    Happy Thanksgiving, dear. Enjoy your turkey!


  2. Lovely post! Husband and i live in Oregon, and have for 18 years.. and we just have lots of rain here. But we grew up in Maine where there is lots of the beautiful white stuff. And reading this post makes me miss shoveling. It's just as you describe it here! :)

  3. I am SO ready for the snow! We've had a few light dustings already here in Ohio, but I want a legit all out snow!!

  4. Lovely post! Those are such beautiful pictures of winter scenes. I would love looking at them...from a distance...in a tropical setting...while I lie on the beach. Hahaha... I'm just kidding (sort of). I enjoy a little of winter because it's so magical outside; I just don't like that it's so long. It is snowing as I type, and we should have a nice blanket of it over our city by tomorrow. I'm looking forward to some winter scenery photography!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  5. We've had snow here for about 3 weeks now. More coming this weekend. I'm SO over it already.

  6. hard to believe Thanksgiving is so soon

  7. Like you, I've always enjoyed that peaceful quiet that seems to cmpany the snow.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. That all sounds beautiful! Ice and cold here, but no snow.

  9. Gorgeous cards. I'm not looking forward to snow - it looks nice, but it's so cold. :)

  10. Such pretty images of winter scenes! I really like them. We don't get a lot of snow here in MO, so I enjoy when it does snow. I don't know if I could handle much of it though haha. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  11. It is always a treat to stop by your blog and read your posts. I love your vintage finds and enjoy listening to the music you pick out for each season. I enjoy those rare times when all I hear is silence too :)

  12. I absolutely love vintage and these images are so nostalgic and heartwarming! Lovely music, too! We had our first snow here in Montreal last night.

  13. Happy Thanksgiving my friend ;o) Such a beautiful post! I am like you for snow shoveling! I love to do it in the evening. I often stop and listen to the quietness and look into the sky! I love it ;o) Beautiful poem and beautiful pictures! Big hugs and eat lots ;o)

  14. I am ready for the white stuff here in the great North. Soon the plows will be out on our roads, parkas will be pulled from the closets, winter boots will be stored by the door, but I don't mind so much, it also means the snowmobiles, love these sleds! Hoping you have a good Thanksgiving my friend. Diane

    1. Thank you my wonderful Blog Friends! Your visits make my day! Several of you commented on the images and some are from very old clip art programs or they have been collected from public domain sites. I'll be back soon and we will be jumping right into everything I love about Christmas!!
      Many Blessing ~~ Diane

  15. The ambience of your words, the illustrations and the gentle background music, all make me visualise the winter scenes yet to come in this small town in England.

    The muffled sound that snow creates, the crunching of snow beneath my feet and that of a Jack Russell friend, will soon be here, in this small town in England.

    Your site embraces the ideals of positive interaction. I'm grateful for that. Hope your Thanksgiving is peaceful and pleasant.

    In kindness,

    Gary :)

  16. Hi Diane, I'm a little late to wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving, but I hope it was!

    I really enjoyed this post; your description of the snow is quite beautiful. xx

    ps. I'm really enjoying the background music as I catch up on my reading.


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