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Robert Frost

Monday, October 28, 2013

Black Cat Awareness

October is Black Cat Awareness Month. 
Black Cats are beautiful! 
Sharing a few photos of my very own black cat, Mr. Guy Noir!

Guy Noir, admiring the trees and sky.

Guy, rolling in the grass and playing with the leaves.

"Did I hear a squirrel?"

Capturing an oak leaf.

Feeling like the luckiest black cat in the world! I was so inspired,
I even wrote a poem!  I found some Louis Wain illustrations that go
with it perfectly!

Black Cat Dance

Black Cats Dancing
In the forest at night
Spinning in circles by
The warm firelight

Only in the misty evening
will you see them, whirling, weaving

Dancing cats all black as ink
twinkling stars above them wink
Mysterious, wondrous!
What do you think?

Black Cats dancing in a row
Tails all flying to and fro!
Watch them, watch them,
There they go!

Black cats prancing
 all around
Nothing else like
this is found
anytime but Hallows Eve...
Maybe now's the time to leave!

~~ CraveCute

Working on his pose for Halloween!


Dot, showing only her "Black Side"! Haha!

For more on Black Cat Awareness Day click here.

Please note, Guy was never off leash in any of the photos.  I edited out the red leash for a nicer photo.


  1. I absolutely love this post. The beautiful cat...I love the picture where Guy Noir captures the leaf. He looks so satisfied....the music and then your wonderful poem.

  2. Mr. Guy Noir is absolutely beautiful!! I love black cats as well. In fact I have been thinking of adopting one :)

  3. What a handsome boy!!! I love his name, does he have a side business as a gumshoe? We had a lovely black cat years ago, "Eb" (short for Ebony)... he was a little devil, got into everything and we LOVED him so.

    1. HeeHee... Yes he is a Private Cat Eye! Black cats are fabulous!

  4. Mr. Guy Noir is so handsome. I love black cats! I have one, and she is the sweetest, friendliest little thing. I wish people would get over the superstitious nonsense and embrace these wonderful, loving creatures.

  5. Yay..a Guy Noir spotlight...hooray..so cute and adorable! What a fantastical tribute to Black Cats! Gorgeous images..I love the captured Oak leaf!
    Wishing you magic and sending cuddles to Guy Noir!

  6. Cat is cute and poem is lovely, I enjoyed the post :)

  7. Mr. Guy Noir
    I'm typing this message from afar
    Black Cat Awareness
    In all fairness
    Is good for black cats
    And those are the facts
    Even Penny the dog
    Is a agog
    At how you cute you be
    It's lovely to see.

    Very nice indeed and I love those photos.

    Penny's alleged human,

    Gary :)

  8. Mr. Guy Noir is a handsome cat, indeed. It looks like he has GREEN eyes. He is going to fit in just right on Halloween night. Your poem is delightful too. Did I ever tell you that I love poetry? Just can't help myself. Enjoyed these pictures tonight of Mr. Guy Noir.


  9. What a handsome fellow he is. Mr. Guy Noir looks a lot like my Cindi Lou Who except she has a touch of white under her chin. I love black cats and I love your poem.

  10. How adorabe and handsome! Guy Noir is just a sweetie. Shall we say he is going as a black cat this Halloween?

  11. Lovely to see some more pics of Mr. Guy Noir, he is such a handsome cat. Fancy showing his black side (O; Excellent rhyming I am very impressed.

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog – the weather has been very spooky indeed! Some people are still without power and there is flooding in some areas, but we are safe and dry – thank you. x

  12. LOVE black cats - hello Guy Noir!

  13. Thanks for all your lovely comments! I will pass them on to Guy and give him a hug for you all!

  14. Wonderful poem! I love it. Perfect. And beautiful photos of your Mr. Guy Noir. He's magnificent. :). We have a gorgeous black kitty named Otis. We adore him with all our hearts. Every day i tell him many times how very much i love him, and our other three kitties too of course.

  15. I love your cat pictures! I love your cats!! I love all cats, but black cats have a special place in my heart! Your poem is amazing Diane! You are very talented! Big Kitty Hugs ;o)

  16. That cartoon/sketch is so neat! I love my black, and black and white kitty, too. Still can't get over the name Guy Noir, that is fantastic.

    1. I borrowed the name "Guy Noir" from local radio show host and author "Garrison Keillor", Guy Noir is a fictional private detective regularly featured on the public radio show A Prairie Home Companion. Played by Garrison Keillor, the character parodies the conventions of the pulp fiction novel and the film noir genre. Guy Noir works on the twelfth floor of the Acme Building in a city that "knows how to keep its secrets", St. Paul, Minnesota.

  17. Diane - Guy is just a delight to see and my friend such talent...your poem is excellent! I have such a fondness for black kitties - I have had four felines that sport this color and have loved them all. I have to say Guy is one of the most handsomest I have ever seen! Have a wonderful Halloween and if you see any black cats dancing by firelight - call me . Hugs


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