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Robert Frost

Friday, October 4, 2013

An Autumn Poem

I was looking around today for a nice little Autumn poem and just couldn't find anything I really was in the mood for. I was checking my bookmarks and came across this goofy website poem generator that I had saved.  I have used it a few times just for fun, and decided today I would have it help me write a poem.

I  used the generated poem for inspiration in the poem I wrote below.  Sometimes it's fun just to play!

Autumn's Rosy Red Apples
I could stroll down this path forever
  overjoyed with a lovely orchard
  full of rosy red apples and orange pumpkins
  breathing in the blustery brisk air
  feeling the sunshine on this autumn afternoon
  what a gorgeous way to spend the day.

Look to the blue sky
  the leaves are falling like confetti on the grass
  orange and reds glimmer on the pond
  the reflections draw my eye down towards
  water as the leaves float to and fro
  isn't this enjoyable? Gorgeous!

I could stay here forever
  so if on a carefree whim you happen
  on an orchard on a warm and
  sweet Autumn day
  you may find somebody
  happy go-lucky adoring
  the rosy apples
  and it might just be me.

My other inspiration for the poem was my trip to Jim's Apple Farm  a couple of weeks ago. I hope you have all been able to get out and enjoy some of this beautiful weather.  We are getting some blessed rain finally, but next week is predicted to be gorgeous again!  We are barely into Autumn and Winter is already nipping at our heels! We have snow in the states just west of us and I am NOT ready for that yet!

Just follow the orange pumpkin-ed road to the end of the row and you have a great photo-op for your family! So cute!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! See you in blog-land! ~~ Diane

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  1. What a perfect autumn poem. I love the pumpkin pictures!!

  2. Diane - your poem is so wonderful...I just might be there beside you adoring those beautiful apples...pumpkins too. Lovely photos that celebrate this beautiful season. Have a great day! P.S. Your apple dessert was a great success - everyone at work loved it including me!!

  3. A poem generator? Finally! Why hasn't anyone told me of this before?

  4. Beautiful, the photos ,the poem ~ the music !!

  5. What bright, lovely autumn photos! :) I love your poem. It's wonderful! I love the orange with the pink and red. Stunning!

  6. Such beautiful autumn photos. I love pumpkins! They are so much fun to photograph. And their colour is bright and cheery.

  7. Very beautiful fall photos. We had snow yesterday and went down to 18 at our house last night!

  8. I need to go out to a pumpkin patch, like, right now!

  9. Lovely poem and gorgeous, bright images of your autumnal surroundings! So refreshingly vibrant and crisp!


  10. Beautiful fall images! Makes me want to visit a pumpkin patch.

  11. What a pretty poem and lovely photos! I love fall and everything it brings. We are having some chilly weather for the first time this season so far and today I pulled out a sweater to wear! :)

  12. Oh, look at all those orange pumpkins - I love it! This post is definitely saying that Autumn is finally here. The flowers are so beautiful too, and these are great pictures. It just wouldn't be the same without all the apple goodies at this time of year. Every year we go to a place called Apple Hill, where they have the most wonderful apple desserts.

    Happy October!


  13. What beautiful pictures! I would love to go to this place! So much fun! I love Autumn! Great poem Diane!


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