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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

This is what We Do in the Garden

Dot, Ginny and Guy have taken over the blog today while I finish a few more chores. Hope you enjoy their antics. ~ Diane

Hello, I am Ginny, I am 16 years old. My mom says I am a senior cat, I don't know why, most days I still feel like a kitten. Mom carries me up and down the stairs now 'cause I have trouble doing that now. She also gives me pills and treats every night before dinner. I have a bed in her office during the day and at night I have my own bed close to the food and bathroom. Mom says I have the loudest purr she's every heard and that I am sweet and the best kitty ever. I was born on a farm and went to a shelter,  I was there for a couple of months until Mom took me home.  She says someday I will see my best friend Cocoa again. The other kitties are OK, but Mom and Cocoa are my bestest friends ever!

My favorite things to do are sit in the sun or on the lawn chair outside with Mom, or on the ottoman in the house next to Mom while watching TV. OK, now it is time for those other two cats to take over, Guy is licking on my head....*purr..purrr**

Hey, I thought she was never going to stop yakking! This is Guy here, I am just about a year and a half old and I have lots of energy. I love to chase Dot around and sometimes she spits and hisses at me. I think that is very funny and she plays tricks on me and plays with stuff and runs around to get my attention and then we play tag, you're it!! Hahaha! Oh, I am on the left side of the picture and the black and white cat is Dot. Ouch, Dot just wacked me on the head!! Hey!!

Scram little Guy, I think I heard Mom going outside, why don't you run over and see if she will let you out? Dot here... let me tell you about Guy. He is really a spoiled little brat!! He has always had it made. He was born on a farm and then went to a shelter and was adopted right away. He has always been treated like a little prince!!

I on the other hand had a rough patch in my life until Mom and Dad adopted me over five years ago! I lived with an older guy and he took really good care of me, and he would let me outside everyday without a collar to run around and play. One day in the spring I went home and cried and scratched on the door and no one came.

I waited and waited for days and he never came back.  I hunted for food on my own for a while and I found a canoe in a yard and I lived under it. After a while the people in the house where the canoe was saw me and brought food out for me. Finally I let them pick me up and they took me to a shelter and I was there for a couple of months until Mom and Dad brought me home. It was hard getting used to a new home and I like Mom but I LOVE Dad.

Guy and Ginny are OK, I actually like to play with Guy, but don't tell him! I have to be the top cat around here!

Move over you!! It's Guy again!! Mom was Not going outside either you tricked me again! Anyway, look at the picture of Dot, doesn't she look like a big Oreo Cookie!! My Dad sometimes calls her Double Stuffed and laughs, I don't get it.

Hey!! Very funny little Guy, it's Dot again. I am sure Dad meant it has a compliment because of my beautiful tuxedo coat. You are just a goofy kitten who still doesn't know what is going on! Look at Guy below, loafing on the camp chair and then sitting by that hole in the ground for hours, what a silly boy!

I am sure Mom enjoys having us out there with her when she works in the garden, we help out as much as we can, but we get tired and all the birds sounds and the warm sun makes us kind of sleepy. *Yawn* Just thinking about it makes me want to take a nap...

Dot went off for a nap, I guess that's what happens when you get old and look like a big round cookie!! YHou have to take a bunch of naps! Back to me, here I am next to a chipmunk hole.  I wait and wait and wait and never see a chipmunk, but I know he's in there 'cause I can smell him...

So I wait and sometimes I fall asleep...

But I wake up again and I use my ears to hear everything around me
and sometimes I look up into the trees at the birds and then sometimes...

I just take another nap. And then... oh I'm supposed to tell you Mom will be back with garden pictures in a couple of dayss , ....*yawmn*...
I so sleepy....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  1. Well Ginny and Dot aren' t you beautiful dignified lady kitties indeed. So nice to meet you. Dot , we have Spotty Dotty Cat (yes that is also her name) she is 14 this year and brown with black dots all over.
    Now for you handsome Guy, tis true clever boy as you get older you need naps ~ cat naps ... even people take them.
    Nice to meet you darlings, you are just purr-fect:)

  2. OMC waht a wonderful Wednesday yous all having ad youz certainly dont'z look your age, youz rocking. :) xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  3. Oh my goodness! Best post ever! All three of them are magnificent! :). And you've captioned all the photos perfectly. You know the feline mind well! :D

  4. Ginny is clearly a Grande Olde Dame -- the Maggie Smith of cats. Guy Noir is a mighty hunter. And Dot is Little Miss Double Stuffed, LOL! Beautiful cats, all of them.

  5. Dear Ginny, Guy and Dot - I so enjoyed my visit with all of you. It sounds to me like each one of you are very special to your Mom. I am really glad to have met you all. Tell your Mother I hope she is enjoying her gardening. Have fun sweeties!

  6. Oh, I love this post. So sweet! And the photos are wonderful. They are all so beautiful. I am touched by Dot's story. A tough time was had, but at least it has a happy ending for her; she's in such a loving home now. And Ginny! 16 years old? How wonderful is that? She looks terrific for her age. And of course, how can you not adore handsome Guy Noir? Young and full of beans!

  7. Guy totally looks like our boy Mandrake! I have described him exactly that way - a big Oreo. :)

  8. Wonderful cats - so much personality! :)

  9. Oh I loved this post and being introduced to your furry friends.
    Meow, from Balisha

  10. They are all so beautiful!! SO lovely and full of life! I love cats :)

  11. Beautiful kitties! Ginny looks wonderful for a "Senior" cat!

  12. This is such a great post! Dot, Ginny and Guy are amazing.

  13. Hewwo -- Oliver here. It was fun meeting you kitties -- I like to take over Mommy's blog sometimes too.. drives her nuts! There are pictures around my house of a kitty named Domino that looks like you, Dot! I can't believe you lived under a canoe! I came from a parking lot right to my furever home, but I never lived under a canoe! Ginny and Guy, I hope you come back again -- I like reading about kitties!


  14. Double stuffed! LOL! What a fun post!! I love all the kitties ;o) Big furry hugs to you all ;o)

  15. Lovely post and photos. Thank you so much for sharing, and thank you so much for your comment on my blog!


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