“In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: It Goes On.”
Robert Frost

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Shhhh! Sleeping Angels!

A Service of Song
Some keep the Sabbath going to church
I keep it staying at home,
With a bobolink for a chorister,
And an orchard for a dome.

Some keep the Sabbath in surplice;
I just wear my wings,
And instead of tolling the bell for church,
Our little sexton sings.

God preaches, ---a noted clergyman,
And the sermon is never long;
So instead of getting to heaven at last,
I'm going all along! 

~~~Emily Dickinson

Early Morning
Angels in the early morning
May be seen the dews among,
Stooping, plucking, smiling, flying:
Do the buds to them belong?

Angels when the sun is hottest
May be seen the sands among,
Stooping, plucking, sighing, flying;
Parched the flowers they bear along.

~~~ Emily Dickinson


Hello Friends... I found this wee angel sleeping in my garden a few days ago. He must have been worn out from all his tasks, because he didn't even notice when I snapped his picture! The kitties also wanted to 'Thank You' for all your sweet comments last week.
I hope everyone has a blessed and magical week! ~ Diane


  1. Those litter angels certainly work hard. A little nap is a great way to re-energize.

    Have a wonderful Sunday, and a great week ahead!

  2. You chose some wonderful Emily Dickinson poems for this post!

  3. those dickinson poems were lovely alongside that sleeping angel. here from stacy's...

  4. He's lovely Diane and looks perfect amongst your flowers. The poems are such a nice touch - they seem to have been written for him!

  5. Diane, such a beautiful post! I love the little angel you found ;o) Hope everything is well ;o) Take Care ;o) Hugs ;o)

  6. ~ Seems we are all thinking of Angels, Diane! LOVE the beautiful poem....Hugs and summer kisses ***** Maria x

  7. One just has to love Emily Dickinson's poems and as for the angel - truly lovely. Bet his presence makes the garden even sweeter - you have a beautiful week too.

  8. Diane,
    I love angels! Your little rock angel is sweet. They always make the garden so much more special.


  9. Such a sweet and soulful post..what a magical image..the sleeping angel is bewildering and full of dreaming mists..my heart is smitten!! Lovely poem..perfect!!
    Thanks for sharing such a super beautiful post!


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