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Robert Frost

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Look Closer

It's hard to believe we are half-way through August! Where did the time go?
With the family reunions behind us and the garden getting back in shape, I plan on taking some time just to enjoy what is left of the summer. I have found a way to make summer last though. Photos!

I love taking these macro photos and I especially enjoy having them to look at now and then during our long winters. It's nice to be able to spend a few minutes examining their intricate designs in a way that isn't always possible while in the garden. 

The Dianthus flower above looks as though it has been clipped with a pinking shear.  

The flower color as delicate and lovely as if painted by angels!

Why this is called a Tiger Lily and not a Leopard Lily I'll never know! It has spots after all, not stripes!

The whirled beauty above is the seed head of a clematis flower.

This pink delight is called Queen of the Prairie and it reminds me of cotton candy!

As you can probably tell, I love the dark pink flowers, as in the Bee Balm above. I am always searching for more flowers in this color!

I hope you enjoyed taking a closer look at some of my garden flowers. Thank you all for visiting and leaving your lovely comments.
 ~~ Diane

In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.
                           ~~~ Aristotle ~ Greek philosopher

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  1. That's an excellent question about tiger lilies. Hmmmm . . . .

  2. Wow! These are gorgeous flowers Diane! Your garden is wonderful. And yes, it sure is nice to have the photos to enjoy through a long winter. :)

  3. Gorgeous shots! Beautiful flowers and wonderful colours. Have a great day!

  4. Beautiful flowers! It's truly hard to believe that we are this far in August. Like you, I enjoy looking at photos like these during the long, cold months of winter when I'm in need of a little colour.

  5. Pure wowness..totally floral eye candy feast....such gorgeous shots my friend..the colors are spellbinding..and the closeups are mesmerizing and meditative!! Such bliss! I love the Queen of the Praire..stunning!
    Thanks for dazzling me with your creative magic and nature's beauty!
    hugs....that was visually awesome!

  6. Gorgeous! You must have an amazing garden. And clearly a talent for photography.

  7. Your photos are stunning! Love all the bright colors and the natural beauty of these flowers!

  8. Diane - that is a wonderful question to ask about the tiger lily - the queen of the prairie is lovely - I don't think I have ever seen it growing around where I live. Your daylilies are so beautiful too. Now I know where to go when winter becomes too long. Love seeing your garden flowers. Have a fun day.

  9. Absolutely breathtaking photos. Wow. And yes I find it hard to believe that we're already halfway through August. BUt that means autumn is near and that makes me happy :)

  10. I love your garden pictures Diane! I find this summer has flown by! I think it's because of all the construction! Big Hugs and enjoy the rest of the summer days ;o)

  11. Beautiful details.. Enjoy the rest of the summer! :)

  12. These are super nice shots ...
    great photo work.
    Best regards, Karin

  13. Hello Diane,
    what wonderful flowers, what wonderful macro shots. Love it all and love the idea, these were painted by angels. ♥
    Thank you for this good start in the new day. We try to hold a little bit of summer in our hearts. ♥
    Wish you a nice weekend

    Thanks if you visit my blog

    1. I did visit your blog Moni, your photos are stunning!

  14. Thank you all for visiting and for you wonderful comments!

  15. Such wonderful summer flowers... it has passed quickly. I would be honored if you shared some of your lovely blooms with I Heart Macro this week:-)

  16. 彡♪♫°
    Passei para uma visita.
    Belíssimas fotos, parabéns!!!
    Suas flores são simplesmente lindas demais!!!!

    °º✿♫ Boa semana!
    °º✿ Beijinhos
    º° ✿ °❤ Brasil ♫° ·.

    1. I used Google translate on the comment above:
      I stopped for a visit.
      Beautiful photos, congratulations!
      Your flowers are just beautiful too!!

      ° º ✿ ♫ Have a good week!
      ° º ✿ Beijinhos
      ❤ ✿ º ° ° ° · ♫ Brazil.

  17. Those areall amazing macros...I'd frame them for my wall if I were you!

  18. Especially for your winter viewing pleasure! (Sorry, I hit send too soon above)

  19. I could almost smell that Dianthus and you’re right the edges do look as though cut by pinking shears.

    Thank you for sharing so many of your lovely flowers, I thoroughly enjoyed looking at them. Barbara x

  20. The first pink flower is truly a beautiful one. Aaahhh, flowers are the magic in our lives.

    I hope you are enjoying the summer days.


  21. Diane,
    Thank you for following us - I am already following you, but wanted to make sure so I looked on your members gadget, and yes, there I am.

    Have a beautiful week.


  22. Wow, so lovely flowers you are showing here!! Thanks for your comment!!


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