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Robert Frost

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Laughing Duck

Well maybe he's quacking and not laughing, but whatever he's doing, he is very cute! I picked him up at a local Flea Market last weekend. This duck planter is from McCoy pottery and was produced around 1951.  He still retains some of the paint which was cold painted over the glaze.

If I had more room I would keep him, instead he and the books below are all going into my shop. Goodbye little ducky, I will enjoy you while you are here!

This book is titled "Somebody Saw ...." by Adriana Saviozzi. Vintage 1962. This book has many cute illustrations throughout. It depicts animals doing the most unusual things!

Here is another book that also has a nature/botanical theme. It also seems to be similar in color. Maybe I am being drawn to the yellows because we have a string of gloomy days forecast for this week.  At least we will have some sun by Friday (the weatherman promised)!  In the mean time, these happy images will have to do.

The book "Apricot ABC" by Miska Miles and beautifully illustrated by Peter Parnall, depicts the demise and rebirth of an apricot through the view of the animals and insects that encounter it.

 Once again, my funny, yellow duck!

Sorry, I just can't resist saying this.....

Hope your week is just ducky!


  1. love the artwork in the book

  2. I have the same duck (without the paint) in my flea market booth. You could remove the paint and try re-painting it. I have two head vases right now that I am going to re-paint. I saw someone on Etsy who paints head vases to match the buyer. Sooo, I am going to paint one to look like my daughter and give it to her for b'day. I'm sorry, too much information. LOL :-D

  3. Beautiful..I love McCoy pottery too..always on the search ,gorgeous ducky..totally sweet!
    And these books and illustrations are so fabulous and fun...thanks for adding such charm and sparkle to my day!

  4. what a fun grouping put crayons in the duck great for a kids room.
    I am a big sucker for kids books those are darling.

  5. You are so cute! LOL! That ducky is adorable! Love his face and I love the dancing turtles ;o) Hugs ;o)

  6. You must have an amazing shop! I needed this burst of cute today, thank you.

  7. There's nothing better that vintage children's books! The graphics are just the best!
    And the duck is too cute!
    Great Finds,
    Erica :)

  8. I love the duck and the books. Apricot ABC is my favourite of the books, but really I like them all. Good finds Diane, I hope someone ‘quacks’ them up real quick.

  9. So adorable! You find the most delightful things. The book illustrations are quite lovely.

  10. Dear Diane - what a great piece of pottery. My mom was a McCoy (wonder if these are relatives - lol)! The book illustrated by Peter Parnall looks so interesting. Never happened on him before or this book as well. You find the neatest things my dear. Sorry about your gloomy weather...will hope the weatherman is right and sunshine is coming your way soon!

  11. Amazing artwork on those books!

  12. ~ Such charming illustrations! and I to have a soft spot for laughing yellow duck, he just makes you smile :) Maria x

  13. Thanks everyone for visiting, we had a tiny bit of sunshine on Thursday and now back to rain again. Monday looks promising though. :)


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