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Robert Frost

Monday, June 10, 2013

Minnesota Mud

Purple Haze Hazelnut Shrub against a hazy sky....

You may have thought Minnesota Mud was going to be a recipe for some yummy ice-cream pie, but no, it is regarding our weather.  I have been waiting for some sunshine and warmer temperatures for what seems like weeks.  Don't get me wrong, I am so grateful we have not had horrendous and dangerous weather like so many lately, but still, it is supposed to be spring and summer is knocking on the door!  I came across this quote that pretty much sums up our situation here.

" ... but there was no mud like what they found in Minnesota.  The town sat in a swamp from April until June, and then again in July, and often in August, too, while September brought some more, and one October, three days of rain made them a lake that promptly froze over for six months, a spacious icecap, though that was an unusually cold winter-often, January brought a false thaw and a week or two of mud."

Garrison Keillor
American humorist and native Minnesotan

Here are a few good things about all the rain and cold, the hostas love the cool and damp conditions, we haven't had to water, the drought is over, the grass is incredibly green, it's been too cold for mosquitoes.

This Pagoda Dogwood (a native plant), is doing its best to continue its natural cycle by blooming.  These pictures were taken on a morning with overcast skies and almost foggy conditions.  The atmosphere is most apparent in the first picture of the Purple Haze hazelnut shrub.

Some plants, as in these Cosmos, are not doing well at all. It was supposed to be at least two foot high, but is barely even peeking above the surrounding ground cover plants. We are supposed to have some sun later today and the warmer temperatures to follow.  We will have about two weeks of spring weather before summer arrives!

You know what they say... "It could be worse!".  
Let's look forward to a wonderful week!

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  1. I know what you mean! Warm weather makes and appearance for a few days then it gets cold again!

  2. Those are beautiful photos. I hope the sunshine and warmth comes your way and STAYS. We have had a lot more rain this year, and although I'm very grateful for it, I'd prefer more sun than rain!

  3. Yes, lets look forward to a wonderful week ;o) We've been having the same weather! One good thing, everything is green! Take Care Diane ;o)

  4. Beautiful pics! My family moves to MN next week. I hope you all get some nice weather soon.

  5. My hostas love all the rain too, but the slugs love the hostas! The cosmos may not be very tall, but they are very pretty. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos.

  6. Oh yes, I agree your photos are so wonderful! And I have to say I'm just a little (okay a lot) tired of the rain and mud here too! On the other hand everything is so green - like your hostas, on the other other hand the ticks are taking over! They must love this weather. Anyway, here's hoping the worst is over and summer is on its way!

  7. Diane - in spite of the weather - your things are looking good. Garrison Keillor is always fun to listen - we catch him on Saturdays on public radio. Take heart my friend there are warm breezes blowing your way and sunshine I am sure. In the meantime have a wonderful day.

  8. Here's to better weather . You have beautiful dwarf cosmos ... a new type in the making perhaps ;)

  9. A nice post for the sky-themes!


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