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Robert Frost

Friday, May 3, 2013

Getting a Jump on Spring Planting

As you know if you have been reading my blog lately, the winter here in Minnesota this year has been long, very, very long.  Just a week ago we had about 10 inches of snow and then after that melted we had another four inches of snow.  Just a few days ago we had snow showers that looked like a winter blizzard. Thank goodness it didn't stick this last time. Anyway, one of my good bloggy Etsy friends felt my pain and sent me a painting to cheer me up.  I was so thrilled to have it arrive in the mail on one of our dreariest of days. Thank you so much Stacy!

Spring Baby Crow from Stacy - Magic Love Crow

Not to be outdone by all of this 'spring is in the air' mood that was going on, Guy decided he was not going to wait for me to start on those gardening projects. He jumped in feet first, literally! 
Or should I say head first!

These photos were taken on April 23rd, so thankfully 
now our snow is all gone and our grass is green!

Dot wanted nothing to do with this activity and headed down the sidewalk to the back door. 
Guy got back to work and believe me the dirt was flying!

Guy digging deep and clearing out those old dead annuals from this container.

He was really into his gardening and worked at this for almost ten minutes. 
I guess when a cat wants his cat grass, there's no stopping him!

What? Lets plant that cat grass!

Guy looking at me for approval and encouragement! Of course I told him his was 
doing a great job, just don't try this on my plants inside the house!

One last note about the April giveaways.
The winner of the Pim book is Kylie from Lucy Violet Vintage. Congratulations Kylie, I look forward to seeing what you do with the Pim illustrations! Thank you to everyone that entered the giveaways. I will be doing more down the road.

Now I must start writing up my gardening list of things I need to pick up at the garden center.

First on the list:   Cat Grass Seed


  1. Guy is adorable! Looks like he can't wait till gardening season is in full swing. As I'm sure you are! Yes, it was a horribly long winter. I think we're finally done with that.

  2. Guy is SO industrious! Hey, he wasn't digging that dirt in order to poop, was he?

    1. Of course not! Well maybe the instinct was there, but he has only known a nice clean litter box. When he has to go, he wants in the house! These are pampered pets!

  3. Oh how cute is Guy Noir! Amazing how they know what's what. Glad things are greening up for you. xo

  4. Guy is so so cute! And lucky you -- Stacy is a wonderful artist and that is such a sweet piece :)

  5. Such a pretty painting, what a lovely friend you have in Stacy!
    Your lovely ‘photos really made my day but I think Guy was trying to dig his way to a warmer place! I can’t believe how much snow you’ve had this year. We complain when we get half an inch! I hope the sun shines for you soon. Barbara x

  6. I am so happy you like the painting ;o) I love Guy Noir! He can come over and dig up the dirt around my yard any day ;o) LOL! Great photos ;o) Have fun at the garden center ;o) Hugs ;)

  7. Hope things are warming up for you . Lovely painting from Magic Love Crow to cheer u up ! Such pretty kitties you have . Our pony and Gabby are being cute for you in the new post incase you were craving cute ~ we know you always are ;) hee hee

  8. I can't believe you have still been having snow right up to the end of April Diane! The painting to cheer you up is lovely - what a special thought! Your Guy is one handsome lad - his expression in the last photo is classic.

  9. wow..so sweet..adorable pictures..your cat is awesome..what a sweet soul..they both are beauties! What a lovely little helper!
    Yay..such a beautiful crow-art from Stacy..she is a magical artist and wonderful spirit..enjoy!
    Happiest Spring kindred!

  10. It looks like your cat is having a great adventure! Our animals are so funny and soon become part of the family, don't they? It's amazing that you are still having snow. I actually love to see pictures of it, as I don't see it often here.

    Have a nice weekend.

    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  11. ~ Hello.....Awwww how lovely are your kitties....We used to have one very similar to, Guy here..Such a beauty! ~ thanks for kind words over on mine....~ Glad the snows have gone away and spring has sprung for you....( she has taken a long time coming) ~ Leaving you with a smile :) Love Maria x ( Ooh just to let you know as I type here, I have four kitties on the bed with me)....hehe!

  12. Dear Diane - that Guy is certainly going to be happy when you get your cat grass planted. Looks like you are managing to keep your spirits up in spite of your long winter. Such a cute painting from your friend as well. Glad the grass is green and you are getting your gardening list together. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week.


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