“In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: It Goes On.”
Robert Frost

Friday, April 26, 2013

Guy's Giveaway Number Four

This is the last giveaway in April, but don't fret, I plan on doing a giveaway 
every month or so.

First I want to congratulate the winner of the May embroidered towel, it is nun-other than our feline friend Sulky Kitten. I guess the Egyptian God of Cats, Bastet looked down on poor Sulky and granted her some good fortune, because I heard that this wasn't the only prize she has won lately. She is one lucky cat!

Today I have something rare and lovely.  It is the book Pim, by Eva Skerry-Olsen and illustrated by Marvin Anderson.  Lithographed in the USA by Duenewald Printing Company. Coslett, Allentown, Pennsylvania, 1948. This is a first edition book. Don't get too excited, it is not in what I feel is salable condition. However it is still too valuable a book to be torn apart. I decided to see if any of you are interested in it. If this book were in good to mint condition it would be worth $75 -$200 but as you will see by the photos, it has had a hard life. Water damage, a torn page and a stray mark or two has destroyed much of its value. The good news is the gorgeous lithographs are almost all intact and if someone really wanted to, they would make beautiful framed art pieces. That is entirely up to the winner.

This is the charming story of Patty whose playmate was the lovable wee Pim, straight from the Land of Make-Believe. 

Over the "Hills of Day," and just this
side of the "Valley of Sleep," lies the "Land  of Make-Believe."
Here come many lonely little girls and boys to find a playmate
among the happy Little People who dwell in this bright land.
Here it is that Pim was born.

And although the Land of Make-Believe is a Land of Golden Dreams,
Pim and his friends are as real as can be.
PATTY thinks so.
And so do I, who wrote this story.
And so will YOU, who read it.
  --- The Author
From Pim by Eva Skerry-Olsen 1948

Page was torn and the tape let go, but page is still there.

Please leave your comments below expressing your wish to win this book if you would like to enter the Land of Golden Dreams that are found within its pages.  Just remember you need to follow my blog to enter.

We are supposed to have our first glorious spring weather this weekend, so I probably won't catch up with your blogs until next week. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend too!         
                                                                                                                    ~~~ Diane


  1. Hi all! Just wanted to say that I had a terrible time today with blogger trying to edit and get the text to look right. Sometimes it is quite contrary!

  2. Your post looks great to me ;o) Sorry you had such a terrible time Diane! Congrats to Sulky Kitten ;o) The pictures in this book, look so bright and beautiful! I would love to be entered into your next giveaway ;o) Have a great weekend Diane and enjoy the weather! Hugs ;o)

  3. Hi Dianne, please include me as a candidate for your charming give-away. Those illustrations are beautiful, the colours amazing. I am going to do a picture framing course - these would look lovely and be preserved if I was lucky enough to win. Kylie x

  4. What a treasure! I love finds like that.

  5. I hope you are having that lovely Spring weather Diane and you are enjoying your weekend. The sun is finally shining here! Chilly breeze but I can still sit outside and feel a bit of warmth. Its a lovely book - the lines and colours are really clean. I won't enter your give-away as I'm battling to find places to store/display the books I already have but its nice to be able to enjoy looking at the illustrations here.

  6. oh my how special is that? Love it.

  7. I adore the land of make believe, as a child and of course now too ... young at heart :)

  8. First of all congratulations to Sulky Kitten...hurray spring has come to your part of the world. Hope now friend you can get out and do some gardening and Guy can chase a few butterflies - have a great week.

  9. Hey Diane! Great job on your blog! I nominated you for a Liebster Award! Wahoo! You've done such a good job with your blog that I thought I'd pass the award on to you! Check out my blog to see what it is all about! :)

  10. I love your banner and pictures. Love that bunny smelling the flower. I don't think I can follow. I didn't see a way to follow by GFC or email. Let me know if I am wrong. I am going to switch to Blog Lovin soon and will for sure follow then.
    Thanks for stopping by to visit me.

  11. Tears, this story meant SOO much to me as a lonely child. I would love to hold it, to read it. If anyone has a copy I would love to have it

    1. So Sorry Sidney... I don't know of another. As you see the contest was years ago and I believe the book was sent to a gal in Australia. Good luck on your quest.


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