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Robert Frost

Friday, April 12, 2013

Guy's 2nd Giveaway

I'm just going to say it, we are having a miserable spring here in Minnesota. Ice, snow, cold weather and dreary days are really taking a toll on everyone. It has been ten years since we have had a heavy snow like this in April and we have gotten spoiled. I am really starting to get cranky about this, so what to do? Well I have decided to distract myself with more pleasant things like giving away more fun items to all of you! 

First of all I want to congratulate Debbie Nolan, she is the winner of the "Smudge" book! Debbie is a fantastic watercolor artist and you can view some of her art on her blog called View From Harmony Hills. Thanks to everyone that entered.

For those of you that didn't win, don't worry I will be having many more giveaways in the future. In fact this month, I am going to try to do one each week. Thereafter, I will try and do one each month, until I run out of stuff.  Judging from my house, I doubt that will ever happen!

 Yellow Chicks: Free to a Good Home



I made these little chicks over a year ago now and put them in my Etsy shop thinking they would sell right away.  Alas, they have been neglected and even though they have been favorited and put in several Etsy treasuries, no one actually wanted to pay for them.  Fortunately my vintage items have sold well; my little shop is slowly growing and I have enough to do to keep me busy without actually making anything! 

So these little chicks need to go to a good home.  They are actually about the size of real chicks, they are made of paper mache and have been molded, hand painted and glittered.  They have little feathers on their bums for tails and even though Easter has past, they would still look cute with your spring decor. 

If you would like to win the Yellow Chicks, please say so in your comments and make sure you are a follower of my blog.  If you win, I would love it if you would share my blog and shop links with others or write about it on your own blog, however that is not a requirement. I will pick a name at random and then post the winner in about a week.  Good luck to all!

Since this is Guy's Giveaway, I thought I better post a picture of him.  We are still celebrating his one year birthday this month, so I thought it was appropriate to show what he looked like last year when we brought him home.

Guy Noir 2 months


  1. Please count me in for these cuties Diane! Love them!! xo

  2. Congrats to Debbie on winning MY Smudge book.Kidding! Little Guy is so gorgeous, hopefully he will show mercy to a fellow kitty and let me have those cute chicks!

  3. Congratulations to Debbie, the lucky winner! I hear you about spring. We were fortunate enough not to get the snow that was predicted, but we didn't get off easy. Jack Frost visited and painted the town 'icy'. Everything was frozen. There were icicles hanging off the roof, the trees, the cars, the bird bath...you name it. The temperature has finally risen and the ice is beginning to melt. So far, spring has been terrible. I hope things get better soon because I'm getting cranky, too!

    Please count me in for those cute little chicks. They are bright and sweet and cheery --- just what we need in this weather. And guy looks so cute in that photo. Oh my goodness...he was so tiny!

  4. Greeting dear friend. The weather has gotten crazier and crazier ... now don't be mad at me, but I've had it with way too hot weather. Although we've had a marvelous March, so far April has been the hottest on record .... high 80's for the day and high 60's at night ... hot and humid and it's just awful ... when I moved here from southwest Florida I thought at least the weather would be a bit cooler up here, but no such luck. When I lived near your state I can remember it snowing in May some years, so neither extreme is very good for our well-being. Love those chicks, but I'm not interested in winning .... I have way too much "stuff" myself.

    Happiness always,

  5. I guess we are all in the giving mood today ;-) I just decided to do a giveaway as well. Debbie CONGRATS!

  6. Look how little Guy Noir is!! So cute!!Congrats to Debbie Nolan ;o) I would love to be entered into your giveaway ;o) Those little chicks are cute ;o) We are having bad weather too! Keep smiling girl ;o) The weather will change soon, I hope ;o)

  7. Those are adorable, and look like a lot of work went into them!

  8. Dear Diane - I am so honored to have received your Smudge book. I will certainly be mentioning your blog on mine. Thank you dear Blogging friend. I am still looking up so that your spring will come soon. Also dear Guy has certainly changed during the year. He is beautiful. I bet you will not be giving this dear one away!! Have a wonderful week.

    1. Congrats and thanks Debbie! Guy is quite the lovable little character, he is always busy doing something, but loves to cuddle and purr on my lap!

      Thank you to everyone that entered! This Friday I will have another giveaway and announce the winner of the chicks! Our snow is still here but slowly melting...
      Have a great week! ~~ Diane

  9. The chicks are darling and so is your shop.
    Guy Noir is adorable!


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