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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Rainbow Colored Eggs . . .

This time of year here in the north, we are craving color! This darling book called "Happy Easter", by Kurt Wiese will fill your craving and then some.  I found this book at an estate sale last year.  It is in sorry shape, but the illustrations within are still bright and beautiful.  Most of us have colored eggs before and the results were much as in the image below, pretty, but nothing too extraordinary.

The magic of a good children's book, is that anything can happen. The writer/illustrator may come up with anything they desire.  I feel that the end of the story was probably dreamed up first, and then the author went back and filled in his story to fit his illustrations.

Kurt Wiese (1887-1974), wrote/illustrated over twenty children's books and illustrated another three hundred some for other authors. He was born in Germany and eventually ended up in the USA.

This book cover  was really dirty and as I scrubbed on it, most of the color came off, it is now a dull yellow. This is a library book and had been treated poorly and bore all of the marks, and stamps of the library.  Eventually 'Discard' had been stamped all over it and it was taken out of circulation. This book was published in 1952, this book was the fourth printing. The book is not good enough for resale, but I am very happy to have it in my collection.

For other bloggers out there, you may have noticed that Picasa now links directly to GooglePlus, supposedly there is no limit on photo storage (if you use GooglePlus). I had been downsizing my images, but now Google actually wants the photos to be larger. If you click on the pictures, you will see them in a much larger size.

The delightful story is of Mrs. Rabbit sending out her youngsters to find some eggs to color.  Apparently it is the job of rabbits to color and hide eggs in local people's gardens for Easter.

  Off her children went in search of eggs.

They came upon Mrs. Hen, who finally parted with her eggs.
Mrs. Hen was disappointed that her eggs would not hatch despite her sitting on them for weeks.

The rabbit children hauled all the eggs back to Mrs. Rabbit who started the preparations for dying the eggs.  They all where painting and coloring the eggs when they started hearing these crackling noises.

Then look what happened!! The eggs popped open and these rainbow colored chicks hopped out!

 It had a happy ending for Mrs. Hen, her chicks all returned in brightly colored feathers. Sadly no Easter eggs that year.

Just these darling little chicks!

Have an Egg-ceptional day!


  1. Replies
    1. And thanks, I WILL snag them for potential future use on my blog!

  2. You are the Queen of Easter posts - amazing!

  3. What a lovely book. The expressions on the rabbits faces when the chickens hatched is fabulous. Its a beautiful find regardless of its condition - at least you can tell it has been well read, not just left to collect dust somewhere.

  4. Charming book ... I just love all the vintage children's books don't you. We haven't been coloring eggs these past years ... don't have the heart of it ... maybe someday when things get better.

    Love always,

  5. That's such a sweet little story. Shame the book was in poor condition, but I'm glad you're keeping it because the illustrations are lovely. Picasa? GooglePlus? I just haven't got to grips with any of it, Diane!

  6. This is so cute! I love the story! The pictures don't look like they are in bad condition! Diane, please explain what Google Plus, is, thanks ;o)

    1. It is Google's answer to Facebook only more business friendly. I'll send you an email with more info.

  7. Such a pretty book.
    This has really got me in the mood for Easter, not that I needed too much help, already 'done in' a full size Toblerone.
    Have a great Easter.
    Emma xxx

  8. Diane - this is the best story ever and one I had never read. The illustrations are absolutely wonderful as well. Thanks for making me smile today. I am so glad this book was not in condition to sell and you added it to your collection!!

  9. Such a sweet story, Rainbow chicks are super cute if only painting eggs in real life would make this happen!!

  10. This is such a lovely book, I'm glad you rescued it and put it in your collection. You were very brave to scrub the cover. I've never dared to do that although I often want to. Have a wonderful Easter.

  11. Thank you all for visiting! I am glad you enjoyed these cute little rainbow chicks as much as I did! ~~ Diane

  12. Oh those rainbow colored chicks are so adorable. I just love the illustrations in 1950s children's books. Have you ever come across "The Country Bunny and the Golden Shoes"? That's one of my all-time favorite children's books (and it's from about the same era too) and it's also an Easter story. Thanks for the little dose of Easter cuteness!


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