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Thursday, January 3, 2013

What People Do Here For Fun!

This is what people do in Minnesota for fun! Not me, I'm not crazy or brave enough! Look at this posted on YouTube. I had to laugh when I saw some of the East Coast Plungers the other day, they didn't even get their hair wet!  Now this is a Polar Bear Plunge! There were many other videos posted from previous years that included the screaming as people jumped in, I found this one for this year. Just use your imagination for what they were saying as they got out of the water! By the way, the ice they pulled out of the hole was about 20 inches thick.

Published on Jan 1, 2013
Nearly 800 brave souls jumped into frigid Lake Minnetonka today. Air temp -5 Fahrenheit, -21 Celsius. Several exchange students and friends jumped with the group. The first jumper is on his 23rd year. Bill Wenmark is one of the founders of this great event.

Have any of you brave souls ever done anything like this!??!!


  1. Lol!! Looks sooo cold! I grew up in northern Ontario and the Polar Bear 'Dip' was a big part of the winter carnival. Personally, I've was never brave (crazy) enough to take part!

  2. I might be crazy, but I'm not that crazy! I'd freeze my paws off in 10 seconds, Diane. I'm now shivering just looking at it!

  3. It was finally in the mid-40's here yesterday, during THE DAY, and that was cold enough for me.

    I looove the cold, but I think I have to draw the line somewhere. :p


  4. Doing something like this would kill me stone dead so no, have never attempted a polar bear plunge!

  5. I love to watch when I see these videos on You Tube or the news, but I think they're nuts and would never attempt it myself. Burr!!! LOL!

  6. Dear Diane - never in your life would I want to do this...I like my water warm (LOL) - Thanks though for sharing this fun you-tube. Take care and have a great day.

  7. Oh these brave (crazy) souls! I would die instantly if I ever did this. I just know it. Just the thought of it makes my heart beat much too fast. Brrrrrr....

  8. We do this in our area too! One year I will do it!! I think it would be great ;o)

  9. I love the second plate. It is so colorful and beautiful.


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