“In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: It Goes On.”
Robert Frost

Friday, December 21, 2012

O Christmas Tree . . .

Since we survived the doomsday prediction that has been circulating, I guess I better do a new post.  Thinking about what I love at Christmas, I decided a bit more music was necessary. I put together this little video, I hope you all like it.

O Christmas Tree by Bryan Tey from Quiet Christmas Piano

In keeping with the Christmas Tree theme, I wanted to share this too. Below is another wonderful illustration done by Lois Maloy for the sweet poem "Pine Tree Song" by Marjorie Barrows from the book Poems for Boys and Girls.

Hope your holidays are filled with Joy!


  1. Have you stocked up on Christmas pretzels yet, like in your header pic?

    1. Haha! I hadn't really even noticed the pretzels! My husband is part German, he would approve!

  2. Lovely post. That video makes me feel all warm and cozy :) We had some snow today, so it's finally starting to look like Christmas out there!

  3. The Pine Tree Song is lovely, as are the illustrations by Lois Maloy :)

    We were just chuckling that it now looks like I'm going to have to cook that turkey after all!

  4. This is the most relaxing 5 minutes I've had all day, so thank you Diane! I love all those images you used.

  5. The video was beautiful and I loved the Pine Tree Song ;o) Thanks Diane ;o) Big Hugs and lots of happiness ;o)

  6. Lovely! Here's wishing you a joyful, blessed Christmas season :)

  7. What a lovely and enchanting post ... brings peace and joy to one's heart.

    Happy Christmas and Peace to all,

  8. I'm glad the world didn't end because I fully plan on enjoying every second of this holiday season. You always find the cutest pictures. Happy Holidays!

  9. Dear Diane - beautiful music - beautiful poem - your blog always lifts me up - thank you for a lovely visit as always. God Bless!


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