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Robert Frost

Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Wish Fulfilled . . .

A few days ago I posted about wishing for snow. As you will see in the pictures below, my wish has been fulfilled! Before we had the snow, we had a couple of beautiful days.

Dot enjoying the sun.

We went from a balmy 50 degrees and sunny...

To a little snow ....

And then more snow.

Guy and Dot checked out the snow, well Dot stood next to the door, Guy got right into it!

When I enlarged the picture, I noticed he was licking the snow off his nose. I could have never planned that! This is the first heavy snow he has seen and he is begging to go out again!

My little Norwegian Forest Cat, seems to be taking it all in. Happy as can be to be out in the snow!

What better way to welcome in our first big snow of the season with the 
Norse Lullaby by Eugene Field.  Illustrated by Lois Maloy.

Hope you enjoyed the snow! I already did all the shoveling, or should I say the first shoveling.  I'm sure I will need to do a bit more. I love it though! It's finally beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


  1. I love looking at pictures of snow, but just looking. Not living it. And certainly not shoveling it! lol Guy is adorable. And the perfect color for snow. xo

  2. Those photos of the patio are GORGEOUS! I can't stop looking at the enlarged versions of them.

    I'm seriously jealous of your cat right now. Never in my life have I ever seen snow like that in person. I never will. Even now, at 5 pm, it's "cooled down" to 79 degrees.


  3. Beautiful photos! Yes, it certainly does look a lot like Christmas. And it looks like Guy is really enjoying himself! That is so cute! Nothing here yet. It's still very dry. Christmas is still a couple of weeks away, so here's hoping we get some snow to really make it feel festive.

  4. Wow...it's amazing how quickly can change. I loved seeing all of your pictures of the snow, especially the ones with Guy playing in it. Stay Warm!

  5. You don't have to worry about losing Guy in the snow -- not with that beautiful black coat!

  6. Well it certainly is looking 'festive' now, lol!! A White Christmas after all :) Love all your pics - a fresh snow truly beautiful when it's all cotton-bally. Guy look's quite intrigued by it all.

  7. Hi All, Thanks for joining in on the fun! The snow was wet and heavy! My hands hurt today from all the shoveling. Don't think I will be typing much more today. We actually got about two more inches of snow over night. I think we ended up with about 12 inches. Of course right on our front walk and driveway, it always drifts to about two to three feet! I am leaving the rest for my dear hubby to shovel!

  8. I'm glad that you got your wish fulfilled. Yes, it feels so nice to see lots of snow, take photos of interesting sights and play with it. Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures.

  9. Dear Diane - these photos of snow are gorgeous and Guy looks beautiful out there playing around - that long coat of his will certainly keep him warm while he frolicks. Have a wonderful day.

  10. Now that's real snow! It looks lovely. And Guy is so at home in it - he looks really cute - I never thought I'd see a cat so comfortable outside in snow - I always think of them curled up in front of a fire!

  11. Oh, I am so jealous!!!! I love the snow so much and all we have is grass!!!!! The pictures are amazing!!! And, I love the pictures of Guy!!!

  12. Enjoy the snow. It really is nice to have the snow to brighten up the landscape, although it definitely makes life more difficult. But if it's going to be cold and dark, it might as well look nice outside! I'm glad your wish came true. :)

  13. he hs his own sweet leash... I always find it so amazing to see a cat on a leash. The winter shots are so magical...

  14. OH, it IS looking a lot like Christmas in your photos! Thank you for that because here in the south it's not looking quite like snow. I loved seeing your sweet kitten frolicking around and (ha!) licking snow off his nose! Next thing you know he'll be making snow angels.

    Happy seeing beautiful!


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