“In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: It Goes On.”
Robert Frost

Sunday, December 30, 2012

For Old Times Sake . . .

The New Year is fast approaching!

I wanted to share a beautiful version of the old favorite song Auld Lang Syne, complete with a translation of the Scottish poem by Robert Burns written in 1788 and later set to the music of a folk tune.

Auld Lang Syne performed by Dougie MacLean.

I hope you all have a bit of fun on New Years Eve, looks like the mouse and kitty above have had their fun! I will be entertaining a few close friends and we will ring in the New Year in a very calm fashion.  I think we are playing scrabble! I'm getting too old for late night partying. My invitation stated the party would end after we hit midnight or I fell asleep, which ever came first! I'm an early bird, so staying up late is tough for me.

Anyway, while going through some of my clip art to find those gems above,  I came across a little verse that I thought quite appropriate for many of us. There was no author and it goes like this . . .

Ring out the old, ring in the new,
Ring out the false, ring in the true.

Ring out sorrow, pain and care.
Ring in happiness everywhere.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year!
I will be back soon!
xoxo Diane xoxo

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

After Christmas Sale!!!

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Thank you all,

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Christmas Past . . .

It's hard to believe that Christmas Day has come and gone already.  We still are basking in the glow of this warm and wonderful time at my house though. Here are a few pictures of what's happening around my place.

One of my nativity sets will remain until the New Year - just to remind us of the real "reason for the season".

Some of the cheerful cards we received will bring a smile for many more days.

 Ginny is my old girl, (16 years), and still enjoys a new toy mouse for Christmas.

She seems a bit weary from all the excitement. Notice that Guy and Dot are not in the pictures, they are still a bit too excited to hold still for a photo shoot!

I think we all need and old fashioned nap to get us ready for the New Year!
           See Ya Soon!

Monday, December 24, 2012

I Wish You The Merriest ....

               The Merriest Christmas and Happiest New Year!

     May your heart be filled with cheerfulness.
        Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

Friday, December 21, 2012

O Christmas Tree . . .

Since we survived the doomsday prediction that has been circulating, I guess I better do a new post.  Thinking about what I love at Christmas, I decided a bit more music was necessary. I put together this little video, I hope you all like it.

O Christmas Tree by Bryan Tey from Quiet Christmas Piano

In keeping with the Christmas Tree theme, I wanted to share this too. Below is another wonderful illustration done by Lois Maloy for the sweet poem "Pine Tree Song" by Marjorie Barrows from the book Poems for Boys and Girls.

Hope your holidays are filled with Joy!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

We Need A Little Christmas . . .

Vintage Christmas that is, something to take us back to a more innocent time or maybe it just seemed that way. Nevertheless, let's go back, back in time and check out some vintage finds from the 1950's and 60's.

Here is a Santa Candy container made in Germany I found at the flea market last summer. Unfortunately we could not locate the bottom portion, for the time being he nestles in a 'snow' filled glass. I love the red Coconut glitter on his hat and body.

golden bells

The vintage color and patina of these old glass ornaments are so pretty.

Here is another version of a Santa Candy Container with Coconut trim - Compo, Germany.


I found the pristine Snowman ornament (above) online, it is the same as mine (below).
These are the only two ornaments I still have from my childhood and I cherish them both. I think the top of my ornament was broken at some point, see how the stem is shorter than the one in the other photo.

A blogger friend posted this fine collection of her vintage lovelies!



This is a beautiful display of vintage collectibles in the kitchen.

 Vintage Lefton Merry Christmas Candy Cane With Angels

These little angels are just so darling!

I hope you've enjoyed this little trip back in time.
It is starting to look a lot more like Christmas!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Song for Sunday . . .



Somewhere * in a winter night * the angels * begin their flight; 
Dark skies with miles to go, * no footsteps * to be lost in snow.

They fly to you * Oh, new-born king * they fly to you  
Oh, angels sing.

One is sorrow * one is peace, * one will come * to give you sleep.

One is comfort, * one is grief, * one will take * the tears you weep.

New star * in the midnight sky, * in heaven * all the angels fly.  Soft wings so true, * and all things they will give to you.  Somewhere * in a winter night * the angels * begin their flight.

Tonight, * all sing. * Oh, angels, * a new-born king. 
Tonight, * all sing. * Oh, angels, * a new-born king.

Source: Enya lyrics

Dear Friends,
In deference for the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School I will not be posting or visiting any blogs for several days. The cloud of sadness still hangs over so many and I simply have no more words to say at this time. 
Thank you for your visit and friendship,

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Broken Hearts . . .

I took this photo a few days ago. I wasn't sure when I would use it or why. Do you see it? In the middle of the tree trunk... there is a heart shape.  It appeared on my late mother's birthday and I thought it was a message or sign from her, so I wanted to capture it before it melted away.  Little did I know that today would be the day that I would post it. Yesterday as all of you know by now, over twenty innocent souls lives were snuffed out.

We pray, we grieve ..... our "hearts are broken" as President Obama said.

The facts of this horrific event are still being pieced together.  We always ask "Why?".

We do know that it was a mentally ill person with access to guns. Not just regular guns for hunting etc., but guns of the type that the police departments carry. When you combine a mentally ill person with a loaded gun, what do you expect? Nothing good could ever come of this.  We know what we must do in this country, the real question is do we have the courage to do it.

Another blogger friend has written a heart felt post about this tragedy,
I encourage you all to read it.
God Help Us by Two Birdies and a B

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pink Petula . . .

This is the darling painting that I won from a dear Canadian blogger named Stacy. This cute little crow dressed in pink arrived with no name, but after some thought I decided that Petula suited her just fine, and Pink Petula is even better. Seeing how Stacy painted her in pastels and hues of pinks and purples, I used this as my inspiration for today's post.

Pink Petula

I started thinking about the color scheme of pink for Christmas and found some wonderful and equally cute items to add here for your enjoyment.  But first here is a photo of Petula settled in amongst some of my other Christmas items in my dining room hutch. I think she looks right at home!  My Shawnee Puss N' Boots Kitty has her winter hat on and looks as though she must be singing a Christmas carol, Petula is ready to burst into song any moment! Thank you Stacy! Your little crow has added some fun to my decor. Every time I see her, I smile!

Source: etsy.com via CraveCute on Pinterest

Source: etsy.com via CraveCute on Pinterest

What are your favorite color 
combinations for your Christmas Decor?

Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Wish Fulfilled . . .

A few days ago I posted about wishing for snow. As you will see in the pictures below, my wish has been fulfilled! Before we had the snow, we had a couple of beautiful days.

Dot enjoying the sun.

We went from a balmy 50 degrees and sunny...

To a little snow ....

And then more snow.

Guy and Dot checked out the snow, well Dot stood next to the door, Guy got right into it!

When I enlarged the picture, I noticed he was licking the snow off his nose. I could have never planned that! This is the first heavy snow he has seen and he is begging to go out again!

My little Norwegian Forest Cat, seems to be taking it all in. Happy as can be to be out in the snow!

What better way to welcome in our first big snow of the season with the 
Norse Lullaby by Eugene Field.  Illustrated by Lois Maloy.

Hope you enjoyed the snow! I already did all the shoveling, or should I say the first shoveling.  I'm sure I will need to do a bit more. I love it though! It's finally beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Nostalgic Christmas . . .

I found this photo in a box when I was going through my Mom's things a few years ago. I am the sleeping lump on Santa's lap.   My two brothers look thrilled to see Santa!

I was prompted to pull this out because of some not so pleasing, but extremely funny photos I've seen on Pinterest.  Here are a few for your enjoyment. BTW...  If I had been older, I would have screamed too. I don't think I was much in to sitting on Santa's lap!

It's a family tradition!

I hope this poor kid survived this trauma!  They apparently are OK, because their relatives all posted their pictures on the internet!

Anyone had a similar experience?

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I'm Wishing For a White Christmas . . .

I would love to see a white Christmas this year. The forecast is for a bit of snow on Sunday. We had very little snow last year and I would be happy to see a more normal winter this year. In the mean time, I have searched my Pinterest boards for some lovely snow to share with you. Some of the images are truly magical. I thank all the wonderful photographers who are responsible for this beauty! Click on the video if you would like a little Christmas music to accompany the photos. Now sit back and enjoy!

2011 Winter Solstice 09

MN Landscape Arboretum - HDR

[2011-02-13] MN Landscape Arboretum_0010

This last picture is of a treasury I compiled for Etsy. I love the new app that lets you Pin them now. Any of you Etsians that have not tried it, here is the link.


Snow *** Snow *** Snow ***

Monday, December 3, 2012

Santa, Is That You?

Out and about this weekend, I spied what I thought was Santa on his off time, in a storefront window.  He didn't have on his fancy red suit, but he did have the holiday colors of red and green. Hm..mm... maybe this is how Santa dresses when he is shopping for vintage items. Or perhaps this is an elf, gnome or impostor! On closer inspection now I'm not sure. What do you think?

He was hanging out at this vintage clothing store. I get why Santa would like the vintage clothes, you know he's kind of retro and all.

We had been at an Irish Pub called The Anchor Fish and Chips and they had these kind of cute Christmas decorations. I took a couple of photos but they turned out really blurred. I sort of like the effect though. This was before I sampled the beer too, I'm blaming it on my camera.  Maybe I should have approached Santa and asked for a new one in my Christmas stocking.. I didn't want to bother him. He looked deep in thought.

The bowl in the middle has a couple of birds and faux snow with some ornaments, the one on the right has a little church.  I can't even tell what the one on the left is, I think pine cones.  After we had our delicious lunch we walked by a few more artsy shops and saw these murals and amazing metal birds.  I think they are supposed to be egrets or herons.

On the wall behind them was a mural and this cool wizard guy!

On our way back to the car, we passed by the Bologna shop again and the Jolly Elf was still there, guess he was stocking up on his winter wardrobe. I swear I saw him checking out a vintage Hawaiian shirt. I would think he would be busier at this time of year.  He does have all those elves though.

      Happy Monday, Let the Holiday Rush Begin!