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Robert Frost

Friday, October 5, 2012

Pumpkin Envy

Yes, it's true I really envy those people who can carve incredible pumpkins 
like some of the ones below.

Coastal theme pumpkins, with starfish, anchors, waves, etc.

Look at the bejeweled pumpkin and glam silver and gold orbs.

Source: hgtv.com via CraveCute on Pinterest

So you're thinking breath spray for a pumpkin? 
Need to remember this! Make that Carving Last - Spray a mixture of bleach and water on the inside of your fresh pumpkin daily or coat the inside w/ petroleum jelly to keep mold and dehydration at bay. via pinterest ---- Who knew, or even thought of this? I think hydrogen peroxide or vinegar might work too.

Fall Decorations

Gorgeous colors, the flowers make it even more beautiful!

Classy floral inspired pumpkins.

Cover a pumpkin with glue and epsom salt for a sparkle that's more classic-looking than glitter. I might be able to pull this off!

Mini pumpkins, now there's an idea!

How many days do you think it took to carve these?

I love all of this, the steps, the door, the pale pumpkins. So pretty!

Adorable cats!

A carousel pumpkin ....very inventive!

Pumpkin audience!

Source: via CraveCute on Pinterest

Goofy and cute!

Love Bert and Ernie!

Most likely what my pumpkin will look like, cat included!

Next time more Halloween fun. Hope you are enjoying the spooky music too!



  1. Dear Diane - Great photos - didn't realize there was so many ways to carve pumpkins and great tip about bleach and water and petroleum jelly. Music is really cool too! Thanks for sharing as always and have a great weekend.

  2. These are so cool. I love the Bert and Ernie carvings! I also envy people who can be so artistic with pumpkins. Maybe if I'd put some effort into it, I could come up with something nice, but I'm just too darn lazy to do it! I just love this month with all its lovely colours and ornaments.

  3. I love pumpkins -they just make me happy! xo

  4. Holy wow! what a spectacular feast for the eyes!! beautiful festive post..such gorgeous pumpkin magic! Love the floral pumpkins and the stairway lit up..wow..so many..my fave is the last with the sweet kitty! How beautiful!
    Thanks for this inspiring post!
    Pure enchantment!

  5. Great selection of photos Diane love them all

  6. Beautiful! I love the floral pumpkins and the cat ones. I can carve the faces, but wood? gingko leaves? a carousel?? Amazing :)

  7. Loved this and thanks for the tips. Especially loved the one with the kitty peeking out.

    Happiness always,

  8. Love all of the pumpkins!! Especially the one with bokeh and the one with the ginko leaves. Isn't it amazing the imagination some people have? And patience?

    Thanks for sharing.


  9. I bet you could coat the inside of the pumpkin with vinegar instead of bleach or petroleum jelly and it would work just as well.

    1. Great idea,... yes a much 'greener' approach!

  10. Wow - some of these are stupendous!! I just love the ones with the floral inspired themes.

  11. wow, they are amazing! What creative wonderful ideas. They are all fantastic, but the last one, with the little kitten picking through it is just too cute!


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