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Monday, October 22, 2012

Haunt Cuisine

Shall we eat? Haunt Cuisine if you dare! Savor these unusual and I dare say, cute edibles from around the web and Pinterest. I will spare you the truly icky items, I mean really, do you want your guests to be ill or run screaming from your house? Click on the links if you would like the recipes.

Corn syrup, sugar overload anyone? Personally I think these are only good for decorations. Our raccoons and squirrels seem to love them though!

Lots of great recipes and decorating ideas here.

Labels make these common candies spooky cute!

Love this pumpkin cheese ball. I think this and a Green
Goblin Cocktail would be great together! Yes I have Green Goblins on my
mind lately since I wrote the post Goblinade.

Goblinade Punch

I renamed this drink from the original, Brew-Ha-Ha- Punch to Goblinade, which I think is a much better name. I changed their recipe slightly using frozen limeade and pineapple juice. Putting the punch in a second bowl of dry ice gives it that eerie feeling that's perfect for a spooky party. I wonder if some ginger vodka* would spice this up a bit? Might have to give that a try!


2 quarts water
2 (12-ounce) cans frozen limeade
1 (46-ounce) can pineapple juice
1 quart ginger ale
*optional 1 cup vodka or to taste

Stir in all ingredients. Chill.
Note: Place punch bowl into a larger bowl, and add dry ice to larger bowl.

Green Goblin Cocktail

Bat Wing Pumpkin Cheesecake

This is such a clever and simple idea!

Another version of the Green Goblin Cocktail

I hope this has inspired you to try some new treats for Halloween. Happy Hauntings!


  1. Love the pumpkin cheeseball and pumpkin carrots platter! Nice to see some Halloween treats that aren't just pure sugar for a change.

  2. I love seeing all the clever foodie ideas that people come up with at Hallow'een. Goblinade is a great name - vodka would be compulsory in my version! Love the stuffed peppers.

    1. Have you looked at some of the Halloween food on Pinterest? It is just ghastly and way too gross for me to even show here. I really would not be able to gag down some of that stuff! I love to have a nice cocktail now and then and I think vodka or gin would be a great addition to the Goblinade!

  3. Yum yum! I'd like to try those pretty iced cookies!

  4. Love how you've 'decorated' for the season. Halloween is my favourite 'holiday' The Mummy Dogs are hilarious.

  5. I love your Halloween inspired blog - great fun!

    Happy Halloween!

  6. Yummy! Oh, I love these! So colourful and tempting. I'll have to check some of these out.

  7. All of those look so yummy. I love Halloween!

  8. Dear Diane - lovely Halloween post - especially love the yellow pepper carved. It looks like it has stuffing in it. UMMM! good. Thanks for sharing.

  9. All I can say is .... I'm hungry now!!

    Happiness always.

  10. Ooh, how adorable!! Strangely, I've never tried those conical corn syrup things before, though I know they've always been associated with Halloween. I'm very attracted to the goblinade though!!


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