“In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: It Goes On.”
Robert Frost

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


A goblin or hobgoblin is known to be an evil or mischievous being. In the poem below this naughty little goblin decides to make a change in the end.  My research has turned up the fact that most goblins are green. Some goblins are even in the form of cucurbits (squash) as seen in some of the vintage postcards below. They have unusual abilities and temperaments depending on the story and country of origin. Goblins are considered to be annoying little creatures somewhat related to the brownie and gnome. They are usually depicted as small, sometimes only a few inches tall, sometimes the size of a dwarf. They are said to possess various magical abilities.

 Poems for Boys and Girls

Some mischievous little cucurbits!

Little goblins coming out of the pot.

 Goblins hiding in this artwork.

Vintage Halloween Postcards

Are these goblins, fairies, or brownies?

The brownies said may we please make a jack-o-lantern out of this fine big pumpkin?

Spooky little goblins!

Vintage Halloween Postcard

Have a Hobgoblin Day!


  1. Fabulous post ... you know how I love all things fairy.

    Happiness always

  2. Wowness...what a fascinating post..so magical and full of childlike whimsy! yay..you have sparked my spirit today!

  3. Wow, that artwork with the hidden goblins is superb! So magical. You come up with the loveliest things to post about!

  4. Diane - this is a great post...made me smile - especially love the art you included - thank you for sharing. Have a lovely day!

  5. These pictures are enchanting! They take me back to my childhood and the magical illustrations of that time, absolutely lovely!
    Jess xx

  6. Lovely images and the music is just perfect!

    When I was a little girl holidays were always spent in Cornwall. Back then everything from postcards to tea towels used to carry the same message. I can’t remember it all, but this is the ending;
    From ghoulies and ghosties
    And long-leggedy beasties
    And things that go bump in the night,
    Good Lord, deliver us!

    Your post reminded me of those days.

    1. Barbara... I love your little saying, that is so perfect!

  7. What a cute poem Diane - I love the fact the little girl thought he was funny. I also think the artwork in the 'hidden goblins' painting is incredible.

    I remember the bedtime prayer that Barbara mentioned as well. I always thought it was Scottish!

  8. everything else was missed once I saw your beautiful cat in a leash. How adorable is that?!


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