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Robert Frost

Thursday, October 4, 2012

And Now For Something Different . . .

 19th Century tribal women harvesting wild rice in the traditional manner. -- by S. Eastman.

If you visited last month you may recall I mentioned that I am doing a monthly post for the Eco Etsy blog. Well it has already been a month and here we are again. I hope you visit and read the entire article.  Make sure to visit some of the links too. Wild rice is now an important alternative to regular rice in light of the arsenic that has been found in much of our American grown regular rice. Here is the link and title of my article --  An Ancient Harvest: Wild Rice . The link at the bottom of the post titled Waiter There's Arsenic in my Rice, is quite eye opening.

I hope you enjoy the article and the recipes that I included from the vintage cookbook in my shop. While you are visiting Etsy, check out this shop that sells hand harvested wild rice from northern Minnesota, Native Woman . OK, I am done with my shameless self-promotion, but seriously read the article, please!

Have a great Thursday!


  1. Ooh, I did not know about arsenic in rice. I do love wild rice though; there are many mouthwatering recipes around to try!

  2. Yikes ... arsenic ... that's disgusting, what's wrong with people, they have all gone insane .. what good would all their money do if there is no more livable earth ???? I have to go and read that article now and also let my daughter know. This really bums me out because I don't like wild rice at all.

    Thanks so much for this info.

    Love and Light,

  3. Dear Diane - thank you for sharing this with your followers - my hubby is celiac and must live a gluten free life. Rice and corn both are staples of this type of diet. Isn't it scary how little we know about the foods we eat! Thank you for your concern. P.S. love the picture of the women you chose. Have a great end of your week.

  4. Arsenic?? I had absolutely no idea about that!I also like wild rice, and recipes to go with it would be great.

  5. You really do have so many different talents Diane! Your posts are becoming more varied and interesting every week. Arsenic - in rice?! How scary is that! Hope we don't have anything like that here!


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