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Robert Frost

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Blue and Yellow - You Complete Me

Blues and yellows are a favorite color combination of mine. I went in search of more examples on my favorite site, Pinterest. A few are mine and a few are borrowed from some fellow bloggers. We are having a bit of rain and clouds today and these colors always improve my outlook. I hope you enjoy them also.

Delphiniums in my Shawnee Pottery Vase

The blue just explodes out of the vase.


Source: plowingthroughlife.blogspot.ca                     

odd-eyed cutie


Not sure if this eye color is real or not, but they look really cool!



I love this, using food for a color scheme! 

I used a soft butter color as the color for our house once. People would stop and ask what color number and brand the paint was!

rebecca's patchwork and minky

Love this combination of colors and fabrics!

Many people think complementary colors are so called because they look nice together. Complementary colors are often combined to produce a pleasing effect. That's what I always thought until I started doing a little bit more reading up on color wheels. Actually they're called complementary because they complete the color spectrum.


I came across a very interesting site called The Muser Physics & Physiology of Color.

Here's what was said about how this all works....

The blue we use as an additive primary color contains light from one-third of the spectrum. Yellow contains the light from the remaining two-thirds of the spectrum (red+green). When blue and yellow light are added together, they produce white light. So one pair of complementary colors is blue and yellow. Another pair is green and magenta. Another is red and cyan. (source)

Now I always just knew that these colors worked together and I knew that I loved the combination.  Perhaps it's because our brains are happy when the color spectrum is complete. Kind of gives a new meaning to "You Complete Me" doesn't it?



  1. The shade of blue on some of the flowers are stunning. Deep and powerful. Really beautiful. I love this color combination.

  2. You've chosen some wonderful images to illustrate the beauty of yellow and blue, I especially love the freshness of all those tumbling lemons and the blue chair. All the flowers are beautiful. I think it's a very restful combination.

  3. Here in Edmonton, the University of Alberta's big rectangular sports gym building is painted bright, bright yellow. Its official name is the Van Vliet Centre but everyone calls it by its nickname -- the Butterdome.

  4. I love all these images! Blue is my absolute favourite colour, and yellow is my husband's. And I'm so flattered that you added one of my photos to this lovely collection. Thank you!!

  5. Love the images, surprise to see one of mine there, thanks for thinking of me. a bit of trivia - The outside of my house is pale yellow, all the inside walls are pale yellow and I have blue carpet. My thinking behind this was blue for the ocean, yellow for the sun and I've got terracotta tiles for the earth. Weird but then that's me. Take care

  6. Dear Diane - what lovely pictures you took the time to share - I especially love the blue vase with the sunflower. Gave me an idea because I have a cobalt blue jar that would look lovely with a sunflower. Thanks for the inspiration - please have a great week-end. God Bless.

  7. Lovely pictures and your own flowers are the best of the lot! The colour explanation is very interesting.

  8. Wow..super beautiful post...and fabulous yellows and blues.I love this combo too..dazzling! Thankyou for this visual feast...I love the photo of all the lemons and the blue chair..gorgeous!
    Hugs and happiness friend!!

  9. Oh Wow these are really gorgeous! I don't know if I'm a follower of yours on Pinterest, I shall have to check and make sure I am. :) Delphiniums are one of my favourite flowers. I haven't had much success with growing them as the slugs seem to share my admiration. ;)
    Jess x x

  10. What beautiful photos you've provided to prove your point, I'm sold! Blue and yellow are stunning together! I must pull those two colors closer together lol
    big hugs,

  11. Blue has always been my favourite colour but I very rarely use it with yellow - that is about to change. Beautiful post, thank you for sharing so many lovely images.

  12. Vivid, gorgeous shades of blue and yellow. I especially am fond of the cornflower blue dishes. Great color combination of two pretty colors :)

  13. Yellow and blue....very French and very lovely together.


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