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Robert Frost

Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Few Summer Flowers

I simply cannot let the month close without adding a few more photos of my summer garden. The day lilies are finishing their blooms and the phlox are just getting started. The queen of the prairie has now turned from pink to brown, but I still like the texture in the garden. I have also noticed that the goldfinch love to eat seeds from the cone-flower, cat-mint, blue giant hyssop plant and a few others, so I don't cut them until later in the fall.

Big Daddy Hosta

We have had terrible hot weather and it has taken a tole on some of my plants.  Thankfully we had a wonderful two inches of rain the other night.  Our temperatures are supposed to stay cooler through the weekend and then return to the 90's by next week.

Queen of the Prairie

Pink Prairie Mallow

Cherry Monarda

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. ~ Diane ~~~


  1. Great pics, Diane. You have an amazing summer garden. I've sent you a lengthy email, hope you get it and thanks for visiting my humble blog.

  2. Your summer garden looks so wonderful... I'll be so happy when ours is a little more mature and looks more like yours!
    I'm also loving your beautiful music Diane. Very nice!

  3. Your garden is absolutely beautiful. I am amazed at the size of that hosta. Mine did not do well this year.
    Happy Weekend!

  4. Beautiful photos. Your garden looks wonderfully mature, which makes it that much more appealing.

    We've had hot and dry weather, and gardens have suffered. Yesterday, it finally rained, and it looks like there'll be more of it today, so YAY!

  5. What a beautiful garden, our area is too dry to grow things like that.

  6. Your garden is simply gorgeous! Like yourself, I leave some stuff even after it's done bloomng because I like the texture and enjoy it all again a second time in the fall as everything else winds down.

  7. Lovely pictures Diane - your flowers are beautiful and the colours all compliment each other so well. I especially like the first photo you chose - stunning flowers and foliage, fabulous colour.

    I keep meaning to do a post of flowers from my garden like this but get distracted by another topic each time. There is nothing like a garden in summer!

  8. Your garden is lovely Diane. You have an abundance of beautiful plants and flowers all mingling happily together. it looks very inviting and peaceful.

  9. So many great gardners on the web... I am only talented for killing plants faster than some can grow them :(

  10. Diane - your flowers are lovely. I especially love the Queen of the Praire - I do not think I have ever seen that growing here in my Ohio area. Thanks so much for sharing.


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