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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Whimsical Art of Bjorn Wiinblad

These decorative wall plaques were designed by the Danish Art Deco artist Bjorn Wiinblad. The images are designed to tell the story of a young couple. Each month represents a different stage in the couple’s life. They start by falling in love in January and end with a new baby in December. These whimsical pieces were manufactured by Nymolle of Denmark in the 1970’s.

This plaque is for March or “Marts” and is titled “Victoire” or Victory. This whimsical image depicts the victorious groom carrying off his new bride. They are accompanied by two angels who hold garlands of roses to celebrate the young newlyweds’ bliss. The image is in red and white. The plaque measures approximately 6” in diameter. There is a hole at the top for hanging. There is some crazing but there are no chips or cracks. Most of these plaques are available in black and white, the red is a bit more rare.



This plaque is for April and is titled “ Konflikt” or “Conflict”.  Rain and dark skies symbolize the turmoil of young love. This is a red and white image. The plaque measures approximately 6” in diameter. There is a hole at the top for hanging. There is some crazing but there are no chips or cracks. Both are now available at CraveCute on Etsy.

These wall plaques would make wonderful housewarming or hostess gifts for a young couple or just fun pieces for anyone who loves the whimsical art of Bjorn Wiinblad.


bjorn wiinblad portrait
via Dwell

Bjorn Wiinblad
1918 - 2006

 "Wiinblad's style is marked by bright colors, playful design, and a sense of joyfulness. Often incorporating human figures into his work, Wiinblad's characters were usually round-faced and charming. Some of his better known professional associations include porcelain work for Rosenthal, illustration for Hans Christian Andersen, and textiles for Nymolle Fajance Fabrik."  from Dwell


  1. These are lovely, Diane. I'd love to see what the whole set looks like. I love pieces that tell a story.

  2. Very charming! These characters look like they are straight out of a storybook.

  3. Very cood art from a unique artist. And he lived a long life, too!

  4. They are lovely and the red is very unusual. I especially like the first one.

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  5. How charming Diane - I had never heard of him before and I will have to check out his other art. To think he just died six years ago - looks like he lived a long life. Thanks so much for sharing.

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  7. These are really pretty and are very reminiscent of the work of Peynet the French artist. Another lovely post, thank you.

  8. Oh, these are beautiful. I love the story behind them. This is wonderful to bookmark as a reminder of friends getting married or even anniversaries! In fact, I might have just the couple!

    happy seeing beautiful!

  9. beautiful!!!

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    Have a beautiful day!
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