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Robert Frost

Saturday, June 16, 2012

And His Name Is...

Guy Noir, or for now Little Guy!

How did we come up with this name?  Well kitten is a Guy and he is Noir; in French, noir means dark or black. We actually borrowed the name from Garrison Keillor (a local big shot). Guy Noir is a fictional private eye regularly featured on the public radio show A Prairie Home Companion.  Played by Garrison Keillor, the character parodies pulp fiction novels and the film noir genre. Guy Noir works on the twelfth floor of the Acme Building in a city that "knows how to keep its secrets", St. Paul, Minnesota.

Here is Little Guy with two toys. There was a split second to get the picture before the frantic playing continued. Mostly what I got were pictures like the one below.

Blur Fur

Little Guy Noir (Private Cat Eye) Knows How to Keep Secrets

Here is Guy doing a somersault from his basket trying to capture a toy.

Just before he pounced on my head!

A daring acrobat!

Asleep, at last!
I have to say, I had forgotten how active kittens can be. He is as cute as can be and is thrilled when we pick him up and cuddle him.  He was used to playing with his brothers and sisters, so the first few days were a bit rough for him and he needed lots of attention. He is starting to get used to things and loves seeing the big cats when they come by to visit. They are still outside the pet gate but enjoy looking at each other. I am thinking of getting a pet playpen....


  1. He is really a cute kitty. I like Pinot Noir :)

  2. He is adorable :) Love his name - I think he suits it perfectly.

  3. Oh, I recognized the name "Guy Noir" right away -- LOVE Garrison Keillor! And Little Guy is so adorable -- have fun playing with him and laughing at the many antics he'll get up to!

  4. Such a perfect name for him. He is adorable!

  5. Well, he is just beautiful! Congratulations on your new kitty! I love his name as well. He is a little darling.

  6. He is so fluffy and cute. I love the name, so creative.

  7. He is just gorgeous Diane, your photos have captured his antics perfectly! I see you have the same problem I have with my followers gadget. I'm assuming its something blogger have done that they will sort out next week!!

  8. HaHa! He is quite the bundle of energy! Thank you all for your sweet comments!

  9. Dear Crave Cute - Guy Noir is beautiful - a what a great name - love Garrison Keillor - we were just listening to one of his cd's at my dad's this afternoon. Love your kitty - I am jealous because I want one too. Take care and God bless!

  10. Oh my...*squeal*...he's so cute! I just want to pick him up and rub his little tummy. He looks so sweet in that last photo; sleeping like a baby after all that high energy kitten play. Enjoy this stage. It goes by much too quickly. And even though it can be exhausting, it's also so much fun.


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