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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Weird and Wonderful

Yes, I am veering into some weird and wonderful territory today.  I saw this commercial the other night on our local TV station and I just had to see if it was on YouTube and of course it was, so you get to see it here first! Normally I skip through the commercials but you will see why I did a double take on this one. It has two things I can't resist, cute animal puppets and a catchy tune.

Disclaimer: I do not endorse playing the lottery or gambling. Neither do I endorse playing with animal puppets, sitting at the computer all day watching YouTube videos or playing with banjos. 
It is a free country, do as you wish!

The following was borrowed from YouTube.

Published on Apr 3, 2012 by drnicolaswill

Written & Art Directed by the Will Brothers :: It's the Minnesota State Lottery, the Lucky Lotto Jug Band and former Minnesota Twin Bert Blyleven letting everyone know that every time you play the Minnesota State Lottery, you give back to Minnesota. It's true! For every $1 spent on lottery tickets, approximately 24¢ goes to our great state. Over the years, players have helped the Lottery raise more than $2,000,000,000 — and this number grows every day!


Let's play for ...

Our lakeside pads and fireside stories,
A bag of chubs for some fishing glory,
A venison steak by a big great lake,
And landing a 50-inch northern pake.

Here's to keepin' the rivers clean and runnin'
Our prairie lands and big Paul Bunyan.

Didn't they knock ol' Paul to the ground?

Nope, he's up in Bemidji so he's still around.

Let's play for ...

The beavers, bears and muskrat babies,
The lucky men and happy cute ladies,
The owls and birds and Delano,
Fish and squirrels and a deer named Mo.

Ole Mississip and lady slippers,
Healthy parks and city hipsters,
Clean lakes and rhubarb pies,
The lonely loon who cries.


Let's play for ...

Every game the Lottery has,
For the cities, out state and open lands
Minnesota's got back 2 billion, you see,
Because you play the Lottery.

Learn more at http://www.mnlottery.com/where_the_money_goes/


  1. You had me at "cute animal puppets."

  2. Now that's a little shack I could live in. Too cute Diane. TFS

  3. That is too cute! Whoever thought this one up should get a promotion :)

  4. I'm packing a suitcase and moving in...so cute!

  5. I love all the kitsch items in the cabin, like all the nick-knacks on the what-not-shelf. Even the fish on the wall is singing along. So many little things, like the chipmunk's banjo has a decorative plate as the front. Lot's more fun goofy details in this commercial. And who wouldn't want a room full of singing animals! Sulky Kitten I think you would be right at home there. What kind of instrument would you play? Maybe the spoons or tambourine?


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