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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Unusual Visitors of the Feathered Kind

We had a beautiful pair of unusual waterfowl on our lake late yesterday. 
When I spotted these lovely swans, I started taking a few pictures.  
I knew they probably wouldn't be around for long.

After I took my pictures and had a good look at them, I found our 
bird book and decided they were Trumpeter Swans.


 A Few Bird Facts....

The largest of North American waterfowl, the Trumpeter Swan is resident throughout much of its range, but migratory in other parts. Its was reduced to near extinction by the early 20th century, but it is relatively common today.  Trumpeter Swans where hunted for their feathers and quills (for quill pens).  They live around twenty years and usually mate for life. For more interesting facts you can check out this link at All About Birds.

 The geese really didn't know what to think of this, they usually 
are the largest bird on our little lake.

They swam around a bit and nibbled on some shoreline plants, took a 
little nap and just leisurely drifted around our little lake for a couple of hours. 
I hoped they would decide to stay, but this morning they were gone.  
                                  It was wonderful for them to stop in for a visit though!


  1. Oh how beautiful! What a spectacular sight to see! This is so special. It speaks to the welcoming environment within which you live. I'm so happy you were able to capture such a beautiful encounter.

    Happy seeing beautiful!

  2. Oh, what a beautiful sight! They are such gorgeous birds. How sad that they were once reduced to near extinction. Thank goodness that didn't happen. You are so fortunate to have been given an opportunity to see them and take photos.

  3. Stunning..and magical..what gorgeous photos..you are sooo lucky!!

  4. That's the kind of visitor I'd like to see. They look so serene and peaceful.

  5. What a beautiful post! ..The swans, the property, the little gate leading to the water~I love it all!!

  6. You know you must really be craving beautiful if you get swans like these!
    I have only seen trumpeter swans in England, they were at a bird sanctuary but they told us that they were really from North America, their necks are straight whereas the swans in England, have the curved necks. Hey, I am remembering this from the 80's, so I hope that is correct!

  7. Just lovely pictures! I've always been a little scared of swans (I hear they get ornery!!) but I love looking at them. They're so regal looking. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  8. Hi all! I feel very blessed that these beautiful creatures chose to stop at our lake and swim right up to our shoreline so I could take their pictures! It was a rare gift!

  9. What special visitors and beautiful photos.


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