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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Gone to the Enchanted Land

Maurice Sendak, 1928-2012

Author and artist of Night Kitchen, Where the Wild Things Are, 
Kenny's Window and The Sign on Rosie's Door.

Maurice Sendak and his German shepherd Herman, named after Melville,
photographed at Sendak's house in Connecticut.               

The photo above is the best by far of this remarkable man. Taken by the famed photographer, Annie Leibovitz and published in Vanity Fair. He was know for the fanciful characters in 'Where the Wild Things Are', but I was struck by the gentleness of touch in the art pictured below.


Outside Over There. Pencil, pen and ink, watercolor. 1979 by Maurice Sendak.

Here are some wonderful links about this great artist and author.
Rosenbach Museum & Library
Vanity Fair 


  1. A true artist, may he rest in peace and beauty.

  2. A very gifted, talented and modest man.

  3. That's a really great photo. I re-pinned it to my story tellers Pinterest board. thanks.

  4. That is a wonderful photograph. I just love his work.

  5. Beautiful and touching..thanks for this wonderful tribute!

  6. Thanks for calling in and leaving a comment. I read your lovely post this morning and just had to follow suit.

  7. It`s really sad when an artist goes away...I love his works

  8. Lovely Diane - that is such an amazing photograph - it has the feel of an Old Master painting. Its not often a photograph makes me think that. The illustration is beautiful also - it has such a depth of feeling. Wonderful tribute!


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