“In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: It Goes On.”
Robert Frost

Sunday, April 29, 2012

An Unexpected Gift

I could say these tulips were from my garden, but I would be lying. They were an unexpected  gift from friends we had over for dinner the other night. They brought wine and flowers! Talk about great dinner guests! It was so nice to receive these lovely spring beauties. It had been a busy week and it gets a little crazy sometimes, and I get a little stressed out!  But then someone does something so nice that it makes me just stop and think.... and then smell the roses, or in this case tulips!

It got me thinking about how even something small like having someone hold a door for you, or getting a grocery item from a top shelf for that elderly lady in the store, can change both your days. A simple act of kindness can be an unexpected gift!  Thank you my friend and to all those who give the unexpected gift, no matter what it is.

Has anyone recently given or received an unexpected gift that brightened your day?


  1. Those are just beautiful! Sound like my kind of dinner guests! I went to interview a lady earlier this week and ended up with a jar of homemade jam. It really is the little gestures that makes the heart sing!

  2. I also received beautiful tulips this weekend! It's so cheering to receive something nice out of the blue, isn't it - whether it's a few kind words or a little gift. It's amazing how the smallest kind gesture can make someone else's day.

  3. Those are beautiful! What a nice surprise that must have been. It's always those little things that count. And it's funny that you wrote it, but I just recently took down a grocery item from a top shelf for an elderly lady at a store. It made my day the way her eyes lit up when I handed it to her, and the way she thanked me. Random acts of kindness really lift our spirits.

  4. So beautiful.gorgeous photo...those tulips are vibrant and magnifcent!! Enjoy your new treasure! It is so touching when others shower with kindness! Lovely guests!! i just received canvas and paint from loved ones..out of the blue..it touched my heart!So sweet!
    Wishing you a magical week!

  5. Thank you all kindred spirits! Your comments are always like "unexpected gifts" to me! ~~ Diane

  6. Its true that the 'smallest' gestures are often those that make the biggest impact and leave the longest impression. Your tulips are beautiful - how lovely to be able to enjoy something like this that was so unexpected!

  7. It is lovely to receive an unexpected gift even if it’s not always pretty. Our neighbours bring hen’s eggs – in fact, now I look at them; they are pretty – and they taste good. Beautiful photo of beautiful flowers, thanks for sharing.


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