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Robert Frost

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Some Cute Vintage Finds

This past week just flew by! I took a couple of days to tend to my flower gardens and a couple more days to go to some estate sales. Today I would like to share my wonderful vintage finds with you.

This cute kitty planter is from the 1950's.  It is unmarked, but some research has led me to think this is a Shawnee Pottery piece. I have not been able to verify that for sure, so I need to do a bit more digging. She is so cute with her long beautiful eyelashes! I may be falling in love with this little sweetie!

I found this extra large watercolor paint set, by Page of London. The theme is Alice in Wonderland and features a detailed lithograph of the famous tea party. This tin has most of the paint blocks still intact and the tin itself is in remarkable condition.

A quick search found that a few years ago one sold at a Christie's auction for around $500.  However some have sold recently for much less.  My husband has several more of these tins with different themes, but he will not let me sell them (even though they have just been sitting in a box in our basement for years)!

I love the magical creatures!

Pose for the camera and say peanuts!

Look at these cute little elephant salt and pepper shakers from Hull/Leeds Pottery. They are just so cute, one has yellow ears and the other has blue ears! They are from the 1940's.

This poor little lass has lost her mate! She is supposed to be singing, while he accompanies her on the accordion. Right now I think she is saying "Boohoo! I'm all alone!" She is one half of a set of the Shawnee Pottery Company Swiss Children Salt and Pepper shakers. I did find her mate for sale in another online shop. Maybe the two will be reunited! She is also from the 1950's.

Here is another Shawnee Pottery piece, a small planter of a rabbit peeking around a tree stump. I have to say I think this rabbit looks a little deranged, but that's just my opinion! I am sure someone would love the little guy!

Our outdoor sales and markets are just getting started so can't wait to get out there and look for more. Now if I could just focus on getting them all listed in my shop I would be doing great!

Oooh, I think the sun is coming out! Off to take some pictures of my garden!   ~~ Diane


  1. These are lovely pieces you've found. I too love the little kitty planter with her cute little button nose. And the elephants are so dinky. Sounds like you could have a real treasure trove down in your basement!

  2. Those elephant shakers are just PRECIOUS! What a good finder of beautiful you are! I usually come up empty handed (with money too)! I love the way you wrote about the sun taking pictures of your garden. It captures your See Beautiful philosophy beautifully!

    Happy seeing beautiful!

    1. HaHa! Yes Lydia, I often can see through and under the crusty dirt that hides the little gem!

  3. So sweet. Such precious finds. Makes me think of my childhood. My mom has pieces like these around her home. Every time I visit, I enjoy walking around her home (my old home), thinking about my early days.

  4. The detail on that tin is very good. I love the elephant salt & pepper shakers!
    I wonder if you have seen the blog by Jenny Woolf...www.jennywoolftravel.blogspot.com
    She has written a book about Lewis Carroll, and she is a great blogger too!

    1. Thanks Kay, I'll check out Jenny's blog.

  5. Great finds Diane ~ don't you just wonder at their past life. Love the paint set what a fabulous find.

  6. Your sun came out and ours disappeared behind the clouds, oh well maybe some gardening tomorrow for me. You have some really great finds. I love the kitty planter. My grandmother always had lots of little characters around her house. The deranged bunny reminds me of something she would have collected. Smile!

  7. These are lovely finds Diane. The paint set is incredible - and it looks brand new! I'm not surprised your husband does not want to sell any he has. I'd hang on to them too!!


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