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Monday, March 26, 2012

Vintage Children's Books for Up-cycling

Here are a couple of books that have seen better days. Maybe they are not suitable for your library, but how about for use as crafting or scrap booking? These are perfect candidates for re-purposing or as we now like to call it up-cycling! The illustrations are just darling and still bright and as lovely as ever. Chicken Little is from the 50's and Peter Rabbit is from the 80's. Take a look at the darling art work below.

Well loved and falling apart but still beautiful color.

These must be burn marks, but look at the vivid color of the illustrations!

The turkey is gorgeous and the duck and chickens are so sweet!

The owl is so detailed.

Chicken Little is such a cutie!

These books have been well used and well loved. The cover art is still in good shape as well. They would make darling journal covers if cut apart and re-purposed. These are not collectible or valuable books, no first editions here, but the art work can still be appreciated and used.

Great for Up-cycling

This book is a bit larger and the illustrations would make some fine nursery art work or could be used in scrap booking or a mixed media project. What kind of fun projects would you have in mind for these cuties? A makeover as a card for birthday or Easter, or cropped and placed in scrap books? Share your imaginative ideas!

This pair of sweet spring themed children's books as I mentioned above are from the 50's the 80's. Their condition is fair to poor. The Chicken Little book spine is missing and cover is torn and has a few marks on the interior. The Peter Rabbit book has some water damage to one corner with some staining. Most illustrations are in beautiful condition. There is no odor or mildew.

Perfect for framing as decor in a nursery. They also would make wonderful scrap-booking and mixed media supplies. Chicken Little book measures approximately 6.5" x 5". The Peter Rabbit book measures 8" x 6.5".

Update:  After lingering for months with little interest, I decided to use a large paper punch on the Chicken Little book to see if there was interest in the item as a scrapbook or party supply. Check out my shop CraveCute, to see if the item is still available.  The Rabbit book may end up in the scrapbook pile too when I have time.


  1. So sweet - and perfect for Easter. I hope someone can make use of them.

  2. I love the idea of upcycling vintage children's books! They're so fun and hold so many memories :)

  3. Oh I just love these! I hope they do find a new loving home (I wish my son was still a baby!! - the possibilities are endless)

  4. The illustrations in both of these are incredibly adorable. I'd be curious to see a crafting or scrap-booking in which they were used.

  5. Hi Diane
    I've got boxes of Little Golden Books and a handful of really old books not unlike your here. Thanks for the ideas now you've got me thinking big time.

  6. Hi all! Thanks for your great comments!

  7. I remember these little vintage books so well. I used to read some of them to my kids when they were young. I still have some of them, and it is one of the things that I have never parted with. Thank you for bringing back such sweet memories for me.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  8. Hi Diane - the post you published a little while ago about blog awards prompted me to follow in the footsteps of one of the comments you received and introduce a 'no strings attached' award. As I got the idea from your post I have mentioned you as the inspiration in mine so just wanted to let you know and that there is a link back to your blog in my current post - Sharon

  9. Checking out your blog right now!


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