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Robert Frost

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Visitors...

These visitors were of the winged kind and not something I see every day. I was not even planning on doing a post today, but when I looked out my living room window and saw these turkeys, well I had to get a few photos. At first I didn't even notice the Tom Turkey, he stayed outside the fence and kept watch as his three "hens" foraged through the leftovers under the bird feeder. They are so well camouflaged that I didn't even notice him until after I cropped some of the pictures. Please excuse my messy yard, I haven't done my "spring" cleaning out there yet.

Hen turkey fluffing her feathers
Do you see the Tom's head behind the fence?

Third hen joining in. Tom is in front of the old bird house.

Three Hen Turkeys

See the Tom to the right with his red wattle.

Over the fence and off on their morning walk.

Happy Sunday! I hope you have some interesting visitors today too!


  1. These are rather interesting! And it is not even Thanksgiving!! Love it. We have a wild turkey population here, as unbelievable as that sounds.They tie up traffic and drive people crazy in the neighborhood where they hang out. xo

  2. Supper was walking right through your yard and you let it get away!

  3. I see Tom likes to keep his girls under his thumb, hehe! These pics are so entertaining :)

  4. Thanks for your great comments! Tom actually "displayed" and spread out his big tail feathers, but he was too far away and I was not quick enough with the camera to get a photo of him.

  5. wildlife is so interesting...my favorite part of living in the country.

  6. A little Robin Red breast visits our garden every day, but I don’t think a Turkey has been our way lately (not even at Christmas)! Great photos.

  7. How fabulous to have them pop in to visit. I didn't know there were wild turkeys that roam around like this!


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