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Robert Frost

Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Little Sunbeam Shown Down on Me...


Last night I had this dream about a sunbeam, it went like this.....

"A little sunbeam shown down and it rested atop my cottage and as the sun angle changed it moved on to the gardens and down the path as though guided by an unseen hand and it came towards me .."

If you visited before, you may remember a while back I talked about my dream of a little cottage on an acreage someday. Well this is what my dream cottage would resemble. You know, dreams change and merge and become more fantastic over time but this is close to what I was thinking about. A pretty cottage with gardens and right at the edge of the forest. Now back to my dream.....

 English cottage

"These beautiful sunbeams are everywhere today! Then I learned (through e-mail) they weren't here by accident, they had been sent by a Fairy Princess blogger named Sharon...."

"The sunbeams are shining on my darling cottage and down onto these gorgeous lilacs! 
They are just breathtaking!"

"The sunlight travels through the branches onto the pink azaleas."

Morning Azalea Glory

"Sunbeams everywhere! This is so beautiful and peaceful! Oh I don't want to wake up
 from my dream" but then I did.

And I realized that though she may not be a fairy princess and this was a made up dream, she is a wonderful person and blogger and that's for real!

I also realized that the warmest sunbeams do come from friends like Sharon at Sharon's Sunlit Memories. I am thrilled that I am the first recipient of her new award which is called Sharon's Little Sunbeam Award! It is a no strings attached award, so all I have to do is bask in the sunbeam and enjoy it for an entire week!

Thank you Sharon for your thoughtful and very enjoyable award. It's very nice and 
warm underneath this Little Sunbeam!

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  1. What a darling award :) Congrats!

  2. What a lovely post. It has a dreamy feeling to it. Congratulations on your award!

  3. I'm so thrilled that you have enjoyed the award so much Diane. What a beautiful post you have put together around the sunbeam theme. I hope you do end up living in your pretty cottage with the lovely garden at the edge of a forest one day. Hmmm - I quite like the idea of being a fairy princess sprinkling sunbeams about with my wand!

  4. Thank you everyone! Sharon your award gave me the idea to use some of these beautiful pins from my Pinterest boards. I think my favorites are of the gorgeous lilacs and the azaleas!

  5. Such a sweet post! Congratulations on your award, you really do deserve it. Sharon is a lovely person and this is a lovely award.


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