“In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: It Goes On.”
Robert Frost

Monday, March 19, 2012

Just Wanted You to Know...

Dear Blog Friends,

I have been thinking  over the whole award thing for a while now  and I have felt bad that I have been extremely late passing on awards or have been unable to except at all.  While I have enjoyed participating in the award process in the past, I just don't feel that I have the time to keep up with the requirements of this task. Please don't think me rude, but from this point on I have decided that my blog will now be award and tag free.  I also have found that several other bloggers who I have offered awards to, have felt the same and have emailed me with great angst that they are unable to fulfill the requirements intended due to time constraints.

I want to thank all of the kind bloggers who have given my blog awards and tags! I appreciate your bloggy friendship and want you to know that your lovely comments are reward enough for me. I enjoy reading and replying to your comments on my blog. I especially love  visiting your blogs and reading your interesting posts and having the time to comment.  I still plan on participating in link parties and other activities.

Please know that all of your blogs are wonderful and deserve an award!

I hope you all understand and continue to visit my little blog.

Thank You,


  1. Hi Diane, I understand completely! I have my own award now that I give to one blogger each month, but it stays on my sidebar (linking back to the honouree) but there are no rules or requirements associated with it.

    When you have a chance, I responded to the 'Tag, You're It!" questions you tagged me with, on my blog today.

    1. Jane - it's funny, while you were on my blog commenting, I was on your blog answering the tag questions! Ha!

  2. Hi Duane, I decided the same thing a couple of months ago. I am flattered but how many times can you say 7 things about yourself?? lol xo

    1. Thanks Barbara, I am glad you understand, I thought some people might be a little put-off. Thanks for visiting!

  3. Completely understand. I was the lucky recipient of Jane's award, but she's a lovely clever gal and all I had to do was blush and say thank you! Not everyone has the time to partake in these awards, so I'm sure everyone will understand.

  4. Hi Diane - I completely understand as well. I think the award idea is lovely - it both acknowledges blogs and attempts to widen their audience, but all too often the conditions attached in accepting are just too complicated. I think Jane's idea in the first comment is a great one and puts no undue pressure on the person she has chosen.

    I always look forward to your posts so I'll be visiting just as much as usual! - Sharon

  5. Hi Diane, I totally get where you're coming from. I am so behind on these things and while I'm flattered to receive an award (without a doubt) at times it's a big ask to respond to them. And as I like to stay a little bit private, I find some of the questions people ask just a little bit intrusive.

    I meant to contact you to say thanks for tagging me before today but time got away from me...this post has provided me with the perfect opportunity, so thanks Diane and please forgive my tardy response x

  6. This is something I've wanted to do for a while... haven't gotten around to it yet. I usually have no problem with passing on the award, but coming up with 7 or 10 or 15 things bout me... that's a real struggle! Especially if you want to blog with your readers in mind and write something that they might care about.


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