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Monday, January 23, 2012

The Year of the Dragon

Happy Chinese New Year 2012 - Year of the Dragon


This Chinese New Year 2012 ushers in the Water Dragon. Water exerts a calming influence on the Dragon’s innate fire. Water Dragons are more open to other people’s opinions than other Dragons which gives them the ability to channel their personal charisma into real leadership qualities.

Famous celebrities born in under the Dragon include John Lennon, Ringo Starr, Al Pacino, Marlene Dietrich and Matt Dillon. The Dragon’s lucky color is yellow.

No disrespect to the Water Dragon, but my favorite dragons name was Puff, as in Puff the Magic Dragon.  As a child, I and another girl were forced to sing this song for some event. We were very young, and during rehearsals we could not get through the last verse about Jackie Paper not coming back without crying! Thank goodness our mothers did not make us sing that verse. Sure enough, while watching this video, I was tearing up all over again. If you are a crier, grab a tissue and watch this really adorable video about a Magic Dragon named "Puff".

The good news is that apparently there was another verse and Jackie Paper's daughter comes to visit Puff. Also there is another story I heard about a sequel that has Puff flying to Heaven to see Jackie. I choose to believe that Puff was never alone for long and always had a steady supply of friends to keep him company.


  1. Awww, so cute and a little sad. Love the idea of Puff flying to Heaven and always having friends! He is "Magic" you know!

  2. I remember this song so well, Peter Paul and Mary sang it. xo

  3. I had forgotten how much I love Puff the Magic Dragon - thanks for the trip down memory lane. I had also forgotten how sad it was, sniff, sniff.

  4. Aww Thanks..it was fun revisiting sweet puff..i loved him!

  5. Gung hey fat choy - Happy Chinese New Year!! I learned that phrase on shewhoseeks blogspot this morning :)
    This song always made me sad as well :)

  6. I remember Puff too - it has such a catchy tune. As a child I never thought of the 'story' being sad! I love all dragons - my favourite was a Welsh dragon named Idris in a TV cartoon called Ivor the Engine.

  7. Thanks lovely blog, but now I'm going to be singing this song all day!!!! Have a great one

  8. I used to sing Puff the Magic Dragon at school when I was little. I think that's why I'v never found dragons ferocious! Happy new chinese year!
    Jess xx


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