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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sweetheart Snowgirl

My handmade projects seem to be almost non-existent lately! I wanted to show you a special item I made for a friend, just so you know I haven't stopped crafting altogether. This is a Paper Mache Snowman , make that a Snowgirl. I always seem to forget to take the pictures until they are almost done. In the picture below she has been painted and glittered and is now drying.

Cute, but plain. She needs accessories!
I then added a Valentine Bouquet of faux flowers and hearts, a ribbon scarf and fuzzy hat. The buttons are actually old earrings that I removed from their clips. A little paper ribbon for a belt and she is ready for her Valentine debut.

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  1. Awww... she's adorable :) Great job!

  2. She is beautiful and your friend is very lucky.

  3. Full of cuteness I love her adorable face

  4. She is a Sweetheart!

  5. She is sooo cute! I love the Valentine's Day bouqeut. How cute to have a Valentine's Day snowwoman!

  6. Hi friend,
    thanks for you visit and get well wishes, I do feel better!

    I think this snow girl is cute as a button!! What a wonderful gift your friend will get! I am sure she will love it as much as I do!

    Happy weekend,

  7. Oh my goodness, she it so sweet and adorable. I love all the accessories you gave her especially that bouquet!

  8. Your snowgirl is adorable! Love her accessories and pretty Valentine bouquet...

  9. Thank you everyone! My friend wanted something to bridge the seasons until after Valentine's Day, so I decided a Valentine themed snowgirl was just the thing! We usually have snow here until the end of March or later,so unless Easter comes early we don't force spring to arrive until she's ready! Even though Spring is officially only 40 some days away, we may not see it until the middle of April.
    Maybe next year I will get around to making a few snowgirls for my Etsy shop!

  10. Love it!!! Such a cute blog<3
    always invited to my blog:)

  11. So enchanting and charming....gorgeous little soul! Such talent...I love the vintage-y feel to it..just gorgeous!!
    Shine on!


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